Digital Playground Switches to Blu

February 15, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

In a follow up to this article, we see Home Media Magazine reporting that Digital Playground has confirmed that all future high-def titles would be on Blu-ray Disc. The adult video producer had been releasing a majority of its high-def titles on HD DVD. The incentives to do Blu were Nielsen VideoScan data showing 3:1 [...]

Study Shows Almost 90 Percent of Sales People Recommend Blu-ray Disc Over HD DVD

February 15, 2008 by · 10 Comments 

According to Twice, a new J.D. Power and Associates mystery shopper study has found that retail salespeople across the country are strongly recommending Blu-ray Disc players over HD DVD to their customers. The study report states that less than 1-in-10 retail salespeople recommended HD DVD to survey takers posing as shoppers for the syndicated, independent [...]

WB HD DVD: “Isolated Instances” Clarified?

February 15, 2008 by · 20 Comments 

It would seem as though yesterday’s article at DVDTown has gotten many in a tizzy over Warner’s future release policy, with HD DVD owners seeing a glimmer of hope, and Blu-ray fans disowning the statement due to poor word choice. Well, the folks at DVDTown have once again contacted Ronnee dearest, and she goes on [...]

Strong Week for Blu-ray – VideoScan First Alert Week Ending Feb 10

February 15, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

In the latest Home Media Magazine we read that Blu-ray had a good week, outselling HD DVD by a 4:1 ratio for the week ending February 10. The official market share ratio from VideoScan First Alert data was 81:19 for the week. The Year to Date ratio is now 77:23 and the market share since [...]

Wal-mart to Phase Out HD DVD

February 15, 2008 by · 12 Comments 

We read over at Check Out Blog today that Wal-mart is moving to phase out HD DVD and to carry Blu-ray Discs and DVDs only. The move will be reportedly in place by June 2008. According to the recent NPD report, Wal-mart is the third largest seller of HD Media in the USA. Check Out [...]

Warner HD DVD: Available after May 31st?

February 15, 2008 by · 10 Comments 

Will all current/upcoming Warner HD DVD releases be available after Warner Bros. officially goes Blu-ray? Well, in response to DVDTown’s inquiry, the answer appears to be yes… with a few strings attached.  At the risk of mincing words, here is what Ronnee Sass (VP Publicity & Promotion) had to say: "If there is product available [...]

Latest VideoScan Market Share and Toshiba to Drop HD DVD?

February 14, 2008 by · 20 Comments 

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the format war has turned into a format death watch. Industry sources say that Toshiba is widely expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format sometime in the coming weeks. Officially, no decision has been made, insists Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products. [...]

Spain’s Tripictures Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

February 12, 2008 by · 4 Comments is reporting that Spanish distributor Tripictures will release high definition films exclusively in the Blu-ray format. Tripictures is the official Spanish distributor for New Line. The first Blu-ray titles to be released will be ‘Hairspray’ on February 20th, followed by Rush Hour 3 in March.

HD DVD Group Responds To Netflix/Best Buy

February 12, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

Here is the official response from the HD DVD Promotions Group to the news that Netflix is dropping HD DVD. They also commented that Best Buy will continue to carry HD DVD products, even though they will recommend Blu-ray to their customers.  "We have long held the belief that HD DVD is the best format [...]

Planet Earth HD DVD Out Of Print Now?

February 12, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

It looks like the HD DVD version of Planet Earth may now be "Out Of Print." Retailer has no stock of the Planet Earth HD DVD, which might be a sign of the first Warner title that has ran out of existing stock. The studio has said it will sell remaining copies of its [...]

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