BDA Proposes New Blu-ray Formats

Posted by Mehar Gill on April 7, 2010 
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The Blu-ray disc association has revealed two new specifications for high capacity storage and re-writability. The first new format is dubbed the “BDXL” which touts storage capabilities of up to 128 GB, the second is the “Intra Hybrid” or “IH-BD” for short. The discs are meant to appeal to industries which require high capacity storage mediums for archiving data, consumer versions will also be available.

The BDXL will be available in 100 GB and 128 variations, roughly 3-4 layers were required to achieve the added storage. The discs will contain a single write layer. The IH-BD discs will contain two layers, one a regular BD layer while the other being a rewritable layer, both bringing total capacity to 50 GB. An ideal situation as envisioned by the BDA is to allow users to add their own content to the second layer to accompany data that is on the first. For instance, purchasing a nature documentary on a IH-BD and then burning footage from you trip to the rainforests of Brazil on the second layer to accompany the film.

The formats will be incompatible with current Blu-ray players, the BDA claims future players will eventually incorporate the specifications allowing both future and backwards compatibility.

No word yet on a release date, Full specifications for both formats will be unveiled in the coming months.

[Via PC Mag]

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