CBHD Breaks 100 Release Barrier, Paramount Pledges Support

Posted by Mehar Gill on December 14, 2009 
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The CBHD group at a press event held this month has announced that CBHD since launching in September of this year has broken the 100 title release mark and plans on reaching 1000 by the end of 2010. It should also be noted that Hollywood’s Paramount has pledged support for the format some time between now and when Universal/National Geographic had done so. Other film companies such as China’s own Guangdong Philip Arts have also pledged support for the CBHD format.

The CBHD group also revealed that the format will no longer be just about movies, TV shows, concerts, government films, educational films, corporate films, product films and other television programs, will also make their way to the format.

Prototypes showcasing flat panel displays with built in CBHD functionality were also on display at the event, they prototypes are expected to go into production sometime next year. Unspecified price cuts on CBHD players were also hinted at. The CBHD expects 2010 to be a big year for the format as such are doing as much as possible to meet demand and help the format appeal to the masses.

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution, a limited edition CBHD disc entitled “The 60th Anniversary of National Day Military Parade” has been included with all CBHD players. No indication as to what the film is about was given although we assume it is simply HD footage of the anniversary day parade.

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Editor’s note: Please keep the comments related to the CBHD format only…. We dont want this post to turn into a China related flame war. TIA.

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2 Responses to “CBHD Breaks 100 Release Barrier, Paramount Pledges Support”

  1. Dave Cowl on December 16th, 2009 12:03 pm

    Where can we find a list of the available titles?

  2. Mehar Gill on December 16th, 2009 12:07 pm

    @Dave Cowl – Good question, I started a list a while back that I have to transfer over to my database. Other than that, I guess you could try the Chinese websites of the film distributors?

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