Report: Blu-ray Adoption Ahead of DVD’s

Posted by Mehar Gill on October 5, 2009 
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A recent report put out by Futuresource research claims Blu-ray adoption in the U.S. is slightly out-pacing that of DVD. The report used both 2002 and 2010 as they were the 5 year mark for both DVD and Blu-ray respectively, claiming DVD in 2002 reached 32.6% market penetration while Blu-ray should reach 34.1% in 2010. Futuresorce believes by 2013 Blu-ray will have a U.S. market penetration of 67.8%, despite this, Futuresource claims Blu-ray when compared to DVD will never reach the standalone player adoption rate DVD has.

We think that Blu-ray is going very well, considering the range of delivery platforms in this current environment compared to the early days of DVD,” said Jim Bottoms, managing director of Futuresource. Today, however, “online is stronger, there is VOD expansion, etc.”

Futuresource believes Blu-ray adoption will speed up if software prices fall.

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One Response to “Report: Blu-ray Adoption Ahead of DVD’s”

  1. San Diego Web Design on November 3rd, 2009 9:31 am

    Considering what the Blu-ray prices are nowadays there is not suprise that the DVD is slighly-but-quickly dying. What pay for a $15 DVD when you can pay $20 and sometimes even less for a Blu-ray? The production costs are relatively the same for both formats in my opinion.

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