Xbox 360 Elite No Longer Shipping With HDMI Cable

Posted by Mehar Gill on August 24, 2009 
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Add the Xbox 360 to the list of HD capable items that require you to pay extra to get the “HD experience”. According to various GameStop employees, new Xbox 360 Elite shipments do not contain a HDMI cable. If one wants to experience 1080p HD on their Xbox 360 they must buy a third party HDMI cable or Microsoft’s HDMI cable.

Sony to this day still takes a lot of flak for shipping the PS3 and some Blu-ray players with only SD cables, it is disappointing seeing Microsoft joining suite in 2009. The Arcade SKU also ships with only Composite cables, the Pro SKU has been discontinued. If you plan on buying a Xbox 360 in the near future and want a out of the box HD experience, we suggest you buy now rather than later as “HD equipped” stock may still remain at some retailers.

While most HD enthusiasts will be able to find HDMI cables for cheap, we wouldn’t put it past a few retail employees to point customers towards the $100+ Monster HDMI cables. If you happen to find a retailer who has plenty of HD equipped stock left, feel free to leave a comment about it so other Format War Central readers looking for the “bundle” can take advantage of the opportunity.

[Via Kotaku]

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2 Responses to “Xbox 360 Elite No Longer Shipping With HDMI Cable”

  1. James Segars on August 24th, 2009 3:53 pm

    That’s really unfortunate. I appreciated getting one with my elite. Sure it’s not terribly expensive to buy an HDMI cable, especially if you know where to look ( but it’s just nice not having to worry about ordering one, or driving out to the store to pick one up.

  2. Mehar Gill on September 3rd, 2009 5:23 pm

    @James Segars

    Likewise, I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t include at least the Component cable. To think thousands if not millions this Christmas season will hook up an Xbox 360, PS3, etc via Composite and think they are experiencing “the next generation”!

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