Warner Movie Library Coming to Wii In Japan

Posted by Mehar Gill on July 17, 2009 
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The Warner Brothers library will soon make its way to the Wii with those fortunate enough to live in Japan being able to access it immediately. As of July 15, by downloading Fujisoft’s “Everyone’s Theater Wii” application users will be able to rent videos such as The Goonies, Free Willy, etc. The application itself will cost 500 Wii Points ($4.99) with videos costing 300 Wii Points ($2.99), a viewing window of 48 hours will apply.

We also like having videos available day on date to their physical media counterparts. Titles like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will be available on the service the same day they DVD/Blu-ray hits store shelves.

The videos will of “DVD quality”, from what we gather, the videos will also be streamed to Wii consoles and not downloaded. No word yet on other limitations (such as 3 plays, X hours after first play, etc) or even a North American release date for the service. This probably isn’t the service Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime allueded to earlier, we assume this will be the first step that will put in motion Nintendo’s plans for a true video service on the Wii.

[Via IGN]

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