Blockbuster Casts Doubt on It’s Future

Posted by Mehar Gill on April 16, 2009 
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Blockbuster Inc, the largest retail movie rental chain in North America is casting doubt on its future to continue. Blockbuster claims it may not be able to meet the requirements for a $250 million loan that would ensure operation.

Blockbuster has also entered the on demand video service this year with the release of MediaPoint, a set top box that streams DVD quality video straight from Blockbuster On Demand. If Blockbuster can follow Netflix’s lead and bring the service to let’s say the Playstation Network, perhaps things could turn around?

[Via Reuters]

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One Response to “Blockbuster Casts Doubt on It’s Future”

  1. tom vinelli on April 18th, 2009 3:15 am

    it woundn’t hurt me if they went out,and i’m sure the studio’s woundn’t shed any much as i thought down the road downloading would take over,it seems according to bestbuy theres a thread going on right now of people buying cd music again!i mean buying cd’s!maybe we will see this with dvd and blu-ray

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