Blu-ray Recorders Outsell DVD Recorders in Japan

Posted by Dave Cowl on December 10, 2008 
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Blu-ray Disc Recorders have exceeded 50% market share for DVD Recorders in terms of units sold in the first week of November 2008, according to the latest GfK Retail and Technology Japan numbers.

A year ago Blu-ray Disc Recorders held for a market share of only 10%.

It is also interesting to note that Blu-ray Disc Recorders are replacing DVD Recorders one and a half times faster than DVD Recorders replaced VHS Recorders, according to GfK’s retail audit survey.

Blu-ray Disc Recorders can record digital high definition broadcasting without any quality loss, which has helped increase the demand for them.

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5 Responses to “Blu-ray Recorders Outsell DVD Recorders in Japan”

  1. Dave on December 11th, 2008 8:28 am

    About time. The dvd format has to pass already…

  2. Ryan on December 11th, 2008 3:42 pm

    DVD recorders don’t sell in Japan, period. If you look at historical numbers they are something like 3% of all DVD unit sales at any given time.

  3. Dave Cowl on December 11th, 2008 4:08 pm

    Ryan, do you have links for that information?

    When in Japan, I see way more DVD / BD recorders in the stores than players.

    Aside from the PS3, I don’t think I have seen BD players that don’t record there…

  4. The Guardian on December 12th, 2008 3:02 am

    Ryan got it opposite I think. DVD *players* that don’t record have 3-5% of the market, most sales are in fact recorders.

  5. Dave Cowl on December 12th, 2008 10:24 am

    That would more closely match what you see in BIC or Yodobashi Camera…

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