The Blu-ray Player Speed Challenge

Posted by Mehar Gill on December 2, 2008 
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CNET UK has done another Blu-ray Play Speed test, this time with devices like the Pioneer BDP-LX71, Sony PS3 and Samsung BDP1500.

Like always, the PS3 takes home the gold in terms of speed with it clocking in at 42 seconds, the BDP-LX71 takes last place with a horrendous time of 1 minute and 54 seconds. The tests were done using the Blu-ray version of “Vantage Point”.

Blu-ray players weren’t always know for their start up times, HD DVD fans often used this against Blu-ray fans with some discs take a horrendous amount of time to boot up initially. Although with time and advancing technology, these issues have improved drastically since the start of the Format War.

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One Response to “The Blu-ray Player Speed Challenge”

  1. Ryan on December 2nd, 2008 4:16 pm

    Sounds to me like Sony needs to put their cell processor into their next BD player lineup … this is downright embarrassing.

    Just make sure and program that BD player to turn on first in your macro, and by the time everything is on, inputs are correct, and the popcorn is popped and in the bowl – you’re movie will be ready. Too bad you’ll still have to watch all those ads at the beginning.

    #1 benefit of piracy; no previews/FBI warnings etc.

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