Digital Downloads Update for the Week Ending 11-16-2008

Posted by Mehar Gill on November 17, 2008 
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Discs Not Your Thing? Want to watch an HD movie over the weekend but don’t feel like going outside? Don’t worry we have you covered! Format War Central lists the latest HD Digital Download releases for the various platforms.

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Xbox Live Video Marketplace (HD Only, VC-1 (aka WMV HD) at 720p, 6.8Mbps video with 5.1 surround)

  • L.A. Confidential
  • Before Sunset
  • R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • No Man’s Land: Rise of the Reeker
  • Dance of the Dead
  • Trackman
  • The Substitute
  • Dark Floors
  • Brotherhood of Blood
  • Iron Man
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Ray
  • American Pie 2

NOTE: The XBLVM content listed above is taken from the American Store, check your local store to see if they have the content as well.

Playstation Video Store (HD Only, AVC 2.1-8 Mbps, variable audio)

  • A Cinderella Story
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • Analyze This
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Clifford’s Really Big Movie
  • Cobb
  • Dangerous Liaisons
  • Everything is Illuminated
  • Fire Down Below
  • Firewall
  • Grease 2
  • Hard to Kill
  • Imagine: John Lennon
  • Lady Jane
  • Poseidon
  • Risky Business
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Strange Brew
  • The Last Samurai
  • The Shining
  • The Whole Nine Yards
  • Tommy Boy
  • Wicker Man
  • Up In Smoke

Apple TV (720p, AVC, up to 5.1 Dolby Digital)

  • A Perfect World
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • All About The Benjamins
  • Bee Season
  • Blade Runner
  • Date Movie
  • Deuces Wild
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Elf
  • Everything Illuminated
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Infamous
  • Into The Blue
  • Ironman
  • Jason Goes To Hell
  • K-9
  • License to Drive
  • Malcom X
  • Man With Two Brains
  • Master and Commander
  • Moby Dick
  • Mrs. Winterbourne
  • New York Minute
  • Perfect
  • Ray
  • Rocky V
  • Sea of Love
  • Shakedown
  • Sitting Pretty
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • The Adventures of Marco Polo
  • The Ringer
  • The Rock
  • The Science of Sleep
  • The Devils Own
  • The Clique
  • The Wicker Man

*Thx to AppleTV Junkie for the aTV list*

VUDU (1080p, Mpeg4 AVC, up to Dolby Digital Plus 5.1)


  • Iron Man
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Entrapment
  • Inside Man
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin (R-Rated)
  • The Jewel of the Nile
  • Unforgiven


  • Iron Man
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • A Christmas Story
  • Alexander the Great
  • Analyze This
  • Another 48 Hours
  • Any Given Sunday
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Beerfest (Unrated)
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Bound for Glory
  • Coming to America
  • Deuces Wild
  • Everything Is Illuminated
  • Flawless
  • Harlem Nights
  • Inside Man
  • It’s Alive
  • Once Upon a Crime
  • Ray
  • Revenge of the Pink Panther
  • Rocky 5
  • Scream, Blacula, Scream
  • Supernova
  • Tea with Mussolini
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin (R-Rated)
  • The French Lieutenant’s Woman
  • The Man in the Iron Mask
  • The Night of the Hunter
  • The Wicker Man (Unrated)
  • Von Richthofen and Brown
  • Brotherhood of Blood
  • Dance of the Dead
  • Dark Floors
  • Midnight Clear
  • Mostly Ghostly
  • No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker
  • The Substitute [Vikaren]
  • Trackman

Winner This Week: Vudu

Xbox Live Video Marketplace: 14

Playstation Video Store: 25

Apple TV: 37

VUDU: 39 (plus 8 HDX duplicates)

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  1. Cesar A on November 17th, 2008 9:11 pm

    Once again vudu is rolling full steam ahead with their movies output. All they need to do is reduce their rental price by $1.00 and vudu has my business. The vast amount of movies and simplicity of it user interface makes for a great customer experience.

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