Netflix: HD DVDs are Going Bye-Bye

Posted by James Segars on November 13, 2008 
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We all knew that the day would come when Netflix would discontinue their HD DVD delivery service, but up until now, many of us (stalwart HD DVD supporters) were left holding our breath.

Well, it’s official.  On December 15th, HD DVD’s will no longer be available for rent on Netflix.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Dear James,

Effective December 15, 2008, we will no longer carry HD DVDs. At that time, we will automatically replace any HD DVD titles in your Queue with standard DVDs when available. You don’t have to do anything.

Last February, we announced that since most of the major movie studios had decided to release their high-def movies exclusively in Blu-ray, we were going exclusively Blu-ray as well and would be phasing out our HD DVDs.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call us at 1-888-638-3549.

- The Netflix Team

It’s been a while since we’ve rented any HD DVD’s from Netflix, but it was comforting to have that option — to know that the fallback option existed.  Alas, those days will soon come to a end, and for those of you out there that refuse to make the switch to Blu, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your HD rentals.  Lucky for you, VUDU seems to be kicking it into high gear lately, with over 1000 HD titles at your fingertips.  Not to shabby, eh?

Of course you could always hold out for the Netflix HD streaming option, and stick with the oh-so-loveable Netflix, which ain’t a bad idea either.

[via Hacking Netflix]

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4 Responses to “Netflix: HD DVDs are Going Bye-Bye”

  1. bogrolb on November 13th, 2008 3:17 pm

    Honestly guys, do you STILL feel the need to sound unnaturally (and distastefully) sympathetic this far after the format war to “stalwart HD DVD supporters”?

    Do you also need to pander to the few remaining still-disgruntled Laserdisc supporters? Or why not bitter DVD-Audio/SACD fans, you’ve got to include them too.

    Seriously, how many stauch HD DVD’ers would still be left? I think the vast majority of them are simply continuing on enjoying their HD movies on blu-ray, vudu or some other service by now.

    Why not just state what you actually think – which is, very likely, that you don’t care? And who does? With (every single?) HD DVD movie available on Blu-ray now, and BD players at reasonable prices, they’ve got no reason to complain.

  2. Ironman195 on November 14th, 2008 5:36 am

    Yes, there are a few of us that still care. If you have ever owned an HD DVD player and used it, you would understand. The consistency and smoothnes of HDI is something that BD Java just can’t match. Unless you have owned and used one, it is hard to explain it properly.

  3. James Segars on November 14th, 2008 9:20 am


    To be perfectly blunt, I do care about those people, and I do feel sorry for them. My compassion stems directly from the ties that I amassed during the two long years of the format war, as well as my own investment in the format through 100+ titles, and players.

    And no, not every HD DVD is on Blu-ray yet, far from it actually. And in most cases, the exclusives that remain will probably not see the light of day on Blu-ray for some time because the replication queues are staggeringly long, and the demand for titles like “The River” don’t justify the cost of putting it on Blu-ray just yet.

    So you see, Netflix was one of the last surviving means to get access to these films without having to buy them from Frys or track them down on Ebay, and instead, simply rent them as you would any other DVD/Blu-ray. As we all know, it is incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, that service will soon come to an end, and we do feel bad that these fans (trust us, they do exist in greater numbers than you think) will have to look elsewhere.

  4. tom vinelli on November 16th, 2008 4:09 am

    i have to say to [as a ex hd dvd owner],you guys need to move on.
    bd players are easy to use now,and soon they will find ways of getting around the bd+ issue,like a option on the disc to watch just the movie and by pass the special features that need bd+ to play them.that would cut down the loading time to noting like dvd.something like super-bit dvd’s.
    the studio’s and ce’s are behind making blu-ray take over as the format and get rid of dvd.if you want to keep your hd dvd ,by all means do it ,but the big picture is no one even cares anymore.

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