HDCP Required For Xbox 360 HD Netflix Streaming Over DVI

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on October 30, 2008 
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Update: This only applies to non-HDCP compatible DVI Connections.

The copy protection police have struck again. The new HD Netflix streaming service on the Xbox 360 requires an HDCP compatible display device. If you try play a movie while not connected to an HDCP compatible display, you will get the “Secure HDCP Link Not Found” error.

For all the people that have a non-HDCP LCD monitors hooked up via DVI to their Xbox 360, you are SOL. What is not clear is whether your resolution be limited to 480p if you have an older Xbox 360 with only component outputs.

The the work around is to use the Component or VGA adapter in order to get HD Netflix Streaming.

What is Netflix worried about?  Who in their right mind would waste their time capturing HD Netflix movies via HDMI?  Answer, Nobody!

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33 Responses to “HDCP Required For Xbox 360 HD Netflix Streaming Over DVI”

  1. Shawn on October 30th, 2008 5:14 am

    Really…WTF? Just when I think Microsoft has found the killer app…they go and screw it up for everyone with an OLD Xbox 360…screw the early adopters again. Almost makes me want to ditch my Xbox all together. ALMOST.

  2. Ironman195 on October 30th, 2008 5:22 am

    This blows. :(

  3. truBlue on October 30th, 2008 6:45 am

    HDCP is a requirement of all HD content through HDMI connections only. If you prefer not to use HDMI then the signal is downgraded to 480p. This is feature of the HD spec and all devices must adhere to it. It is a copy protection issue and no studio is going to circumvent it. So any other connection other than HDMI is not allowed to view the content in HD 1080p or 720p.

  4. Dan Fry on October 30th, 2008 6:51 am

    Typical Microsoft. Another short sighted blunder to piss of their existing user base.

  5. Tyler Pruitt on October 30th, 2008 7:04 am

    @truBlue -

    What about the fact that the HD DVD add-on drive outputs 1080i/720p via component?

  6. blings on October 30th, 2008 7:10 am

    I have a 360 w/ hdmi, but up to now I have still been using componant cables due to the fact of where the hdmi output is and not being able to then use my optical digital cable. Now I’m gonna have to think about buying another F*ing adaptor to make the 360 work the way it should out of the box.

  7. DaTDude on October 30th, 2008 7:50 am

    Why don’t they just implement an upscaling feature to 1080i for people own the 360 with component cables

  8. Gill on October 30th, 2008 8:04 am

    I how everyone is blaming Microsoft. They have nothing to do with HDCP, it is a requirement on HD content to slow down piracy. Plus, if you don’t have HDMI by now, the chances are you really don’t care about HD content and just want to rag on Microsoft. If you have an older Xbox 360, buy the HDMI adapter, it allows for HDCP to be transmitted.

  9. Mehar Gill on October 30th, 2008 8:25 am

    @blings – Which SKU did you get? I beleive the Elite and Premium come with said adapter.

    What I do for my setup is I run a HDMI cable fromy my 360 to my TV and a optical cable from my tv to my receiver, works really well.

  10. wowsome on October 30th, 2008 8:43 am

    So HDCP isn’t really required, but it will let you display at resolutions above 420p. Gamings sites, sensationalize news for hits? Nah.

    For those who missed the entire HD format war- HDCP is a flag present on all HD media via standards, and it is currently switched OFF. At any time, any movie studio could decide it wants that flag ON, and whatever media is set that way will have this same requirement, having to have an HDMI cable and compatible TV to go above 420p.

    Personally, I’m fine with 420p, so long as it plays, and it look like it will. Works for me.

  11. Mehar Gill on October 30th, 2008 9:06 am

    @wowsome – Well if 420p is fine why bother renting the 300 or so HD movies when their are over 10k SD movies available on the service?

    Anyways, if you have a tv that has any sort of “gaming mode” feature then it should work (Since they SHOULD be HDCP compliant), but possibly with restirictions.

    @Gill -

    The adapter will not work since the signal will not be digital, something to do with the HANA or ANA scaler chip in the 360. The digital scaler is only available in HDMI enabled 360s.

    Also the adapter is what, $100? If you throw in $100 more you can get a Arcade SKU complete with a Digital HDMI port.

  12. Ujn Hunter on October 30th, 2008 9:08 am

    Aw man… I was excited about the HD Netflix movies too… alas I own an original Xbox 360… screw me I guess. Am sad!

  13. Andy Pennell on October 30th, 2008 10:06 am

    What FUD this story is. No fact checking involved here.

    If you have a DVI display that can’t do HDCP (ie an ancient one or a PC one), use VGA or Component instead for 1080i goodness. Exact same rules as DVD upsampling, and HD DVD, for the exact same reasons.

  14. Rock on October 30th, 2008 10:45 am

    Definitely wouldn’t be a Microsoft requirement, they already allow HD movies over component from their Marketplace. May not even be Netflix, could be the movie studios. They were the ones who insisted on creating HDCP in the first place. Doesn’t effect me though, have HDMI and HDCP compliant display, so I’m all set.

  15. DavidB on October 30th, 2008 10:45 am

    Just one more thing to inflate X360 sales numbers. See, MS was SMART not including HDMI initially, they knew at some point the studios would start demanding it and thus sales of new model X360′s with HDMI would be driven.

  16. Robere on October 30th, 2008 10:56 am

    Debunked already!

    Much hand wringing and hair pulling over nothing…what a surprise.

  17. Dan on October 30th, 2008 11:35 am

    Well, that kind of blows for me. Not only do I have an original style Xbox 360 without the HDMI connection, but my TV doesn’t have an HDMI connection either, and it outputs at 1080i. Guess I’m screwed all around.

  18. Dan on October 30th, 2008 11:39 am

    Just saw this posted from cod3 z3ro over at Xbox-Scene. Thought some of you might like to see that Engadget got theirs to work with component cables running at 1080i.

  19. Sman on October 30th, 2008 12:36 pm

    Originally Posted By DavidBJust one more thing to inflate X360 sales numbers. See, MS was SMART not including HDMI initially, they knew at some point the studios would start demanding it and thus sales of new model X360′s with HDMI would be driven.

    Yup… I mean their competitor shure knew it wud mean something down the road hdcp has been in talk for MANY years before 360… I, by the way, have a 1st gen 360. I’ve sent 2 in for replacements(rrod).

    I’m fully aware of hdcp being out of m$ control, and hdmi’s 2way abilities. The only way I can imagine it working w mine is a usb dongle to authenticate…
    On the side, I’m hassling w m$ dlc drm myself. my opinion on drm is very low.


  20. Tyler Pruitt on October 30th, 2008 12:49 pm

    Originally Posted By Andy Pennell
    What FUD this story is. No fact checking involved here.

    Some users *Will* be affected by this, think about all the dorm rooms with 360s hooked to LCD monitors. Why not just drop the res to 480p if there is no HDCP handshake on the DVI connection?

  21. Andy Pennell on October 30th, 2008 3:32 pm

    @Tyler Pruitt – If they are hooked to LCD monitors, use VGA. Duh.

  22. Andy Pennell on October 30th, 2008 3:33 pm

    FYI the Macintosh has the exact same “issue” with their Silverlight Netflix player. Go on, starting bitching about Apple now.

    Thought not.

  23. Mehar Gill on October 30th, 2008 4:52 pm

    @Andy Pennell – Who’s to blame?

  24. Mehar Gill on October 30th, 2008 5:02 pm

    @Andy Pennell

    Anyways Andy, I think theres been some sort of a misunderstanding here. This article isn’t bashing the Xbox 360, Microsoft, etc in any way, it is simply pointing out something we found.

    If anything it bashes Netflix and those who think up of such DRM restrictions.

  25. faceless on October 30th, 2008 5:07 pm

    this is why people should test everything before posting a story. wow, look at that, component works, and vga works! hell, component working is better than what you get from HDDVD playback!

  26. ChrisWanker on October 30th, 2008 5:08 pm

    Oh whaaa! Ya damn crybabies! If you want to cry about it that much go defect to the enemy. Jezz! I swear, I’ve never heard such pissing and moaning about something that’s going to revolutionize consoles. Of course there’s going to be certain things that are going limit the user base.

    Oh and if it wasn’t for all of those damn hackers and pirates, MS and Netflix wouldn’t need to go to the nth degree to protect themselves. So don’t blame them, blame those responsible for ruining it for us (or yourself if you are a pirate or a hacker)!!!

    PISS OFF!!! Ya damn crybabies!

  27. Ryan on October 30th, 2008 9:17 pm

    HDCP is awful – anyone in their right mind would pirate digital media on a computer, not through an HDMI cable. Totally rediculous.

  28. bill g. on October 31st, 2008 12:30 am

    First bad hardware, Second $199 xbox with no hard drive, Third HD-DVD drives, Forth no new IP’s for the last 2yrs, Fifth no built in wireless, Sixth scratched DVD”s, Seventh monthly fee to play with buddies aka LIVE, and last but not least this HDCP device. ohh might as well throw in VISTA in the mix. (consumers can’t be this stupid can they? 20 plus million are!!!)

  29. Mehar Gill on October 31st, 2008 6:18 am

    @bill g. – No! HDCP is not a Microsoft thing, it’s a industry standard developed years ago which everyone HAS to follow.

    Btw, new ip’s? Have you seen the last 2 E3′s?!?

  30. bill g. on October 31st, 2008 11:53 am

    Ok fine ill give you that one. E3 what FF13 is that really new, oh i guess you mean allan wake comming in 2011? no you must mean another halo spin-off RECON, give me a break. Eventually a spunge carries no water when you squeeze the crap out of it. Whats next TOO HUMAN 2? no I forgot its a 3 part game. It will have a spin off too we will call it TOO HUMAN:RECON. I might as well go back to play WOW on my PC, if I wanted to do the same things over and over again while paying a fee, just like a zombie. Im switching to PS3 when the dark knight comes out on blue ray, I guess Im sick of poor value as a costomer. Why I bought the elite when it came out, I must of caught up in the hype of halo. Not anymore.

  31. Mehar Gill on October 31st, 2008 2:43 pm

    @bill g. – You said new ip’s, last time I checked, Lips, Your in the movies, Scene it!, Jelly Car, Lost Odessey (and the other two), South Park, etc

    Either way I don’t care if you buy a console, “switch sides”, etc when you say something just make sure it’s right and not a stupid fan boy rant.

  32. bill g. on October 31st, 2008 6:43 pm

    LIPS(singstar ripoff), YOUR IN THE MOVIES( not even worth a rental), SCENE IT (I havent), JELLY CAR(dont make me laugh), and LOST ODYESSEY ( 2 Disc? what is this ps1/1997). Sorry when I ment no new IP’s I also ment something worth the purchase. Im no ps3 fan myself but hey the dark knight will look real good on my 1080p 52inch lcd, and i’ll be able to play killzone 2/metalgear4/ littleBigPlanet/motorstorm2/finalfantasy “versus” and resistance 2 (60 per server CRAZY BATTLE!!!) I’ll still use my elite for gears 2 but other than that, its going in hiatus. good luck ,save your pennies for LIVE payment, im done with wasting my money.

  33. Jerome on October 31st, 2008 8:55 pm

    @bill g.

    Well have Fun playing MGS4… I have both the 360 and PS3. I was so excited about MGS4. it was to be the first game I got for the PS3. Upon sticking the game in, I had to watch snake smoke a damn cigarette for 20 minutes while the game loaded on to the HD. Then I had to watch endless cut scenes. 40 minutes later I only got in about 8 minutes of game play…. No thank you. I could have gotten through three levels of Halo in the same amount of time.

    And what’s this about LIPS being a Singstar rip-off??? I hate to break it to you, but Karaoke has been out since the 70′s dude. I didn’t realize that they created Singstar back in the 70’s. Singstar needs to sue all of the Karaoke manufacturers for ripping of their idea. I am so sick of stupid idiotic fanboys making moronic comments. Please do us all a facor and power down your PC right now. Just pull the plug out of the wall and go away.
    So Halo 2 and 3 are stupid because they are sequels??? But Dark Night is awesome??? It’s a sequel too you know… Oh you probably didn’t… never mind. You probably thought it was some new fresh idea that had never been done before.
    And finally. Are you seriously going to harp on the fact that Lost Odyssey has two disks???? Okay, let me make a comparison for you… It takes me about 10 seconds to change a disc in the 360. That means I could get up and change the disc 120 times in the time it took MGS4 to load on to the PS3 HD. I could play Lost Odyssey for three years and spend less time changing the disk than I did waiting for I game to load on the PS3.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love the PS3. But the 360 is also great (though I am upset with them for releasing it when they knew it had problems with the chips overheating). But that has been fixed. So please stop acting so ridiculously stupid about one system being superior to the other. They are both good and both have their strengths. I’m SO FREAKIN SICK of this STUPID PS3 – 360 RIVALRY…. Okay whew! I feel better now… : )

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