IMDb Launches “The Blu Room”

Posted by James Segars on October 7, 2008 
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If you’re a frequent visitor of this site, there’s a good chance that you’ll find little new information at IMDb’s newest addition, The Blu Room. Then again, if there’s an obscure home theater term that’s eluded you, or you’re on the lookout for a place to vent about past/present/future Blu-ray releases, and current/upcoming tech, you’ve got a brand-spankin’ new outlet at your fingertips.

Clicking through the menus unveils a great deal of information that will no doubt be greatly appreciated by the vast majority of people who’ve yet to jump into Blu-ray.  If nothing else, it should serve as the perfect place to send inquisitive (pesky) relatives or friends — because we all know how obnoxious it is to explain the importance/value of Blu-ray.

Personally, we’re thrilled to see this so-called “Blu Room” and we’re even more excited to know that IMDb — the world’s favorite movie information site — is at the helm.

It should also be noted that IMDb is owned by

It just feels so right, doesn’t it?  It’s hard to believe they hadn’t done this sooner.

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