VUDU: A Few Questions Answered

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on August 13, 2008 
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After spending a few weeks with our VUDU box, we had a few technical questions that needed answers.  The folks at VUDU are big time movie buffs, so they had no problem letting us geek out during the Q&A session.

FYI, be on the lookout for our upcoming “Digital Downloads Shootout” featuring the Apple TV, VUDU, Xbox Live Video Marketplace, PSN Video Store, and Blu-ray as the reference.

Format War Central: What video codec does VUDU use?

VUDU: Mpeg 4, More specifically, MPEG4 AVC (h.264).

FWC: Does VUDU do the video encoding, or do the studios deliver VUDU the
files already encoded?

VUDU: We do all encoding ourselves, all the video distributed to VUDU boxes was encoded to VUDU’s specifications by VUDU.

FWC: What are the average video bitrates for the SD and HD programming?

VUDU: We don’t report that information…suffice it to say that our SD is encoded
at 480p and our HD is encoded at 1080p. We require 4Mbps for instant HD video and 2Mbps for instant SD video.

FWC: Are the movies encoded at 24 frames per second?  (or 30fps for non
film based content)

VUDU: All film-sourced content is encoded at 24fps.

FWC: Is the HD Content encoded at 720p?

VUDU: All HD content is encoded at 1080p.

FWC: What is the Audio codec that is used?

VUDU: Audio is encoded as Dolby Digital Plus and transcoded at playback time to be output as Dolby Digital.

FWC: Are the HD movies using Dolby Digital Plus?

VUDU: Yes, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 or stereo.  Generally Dolby digital plus 5.1 (80%)…depends on what the studios provide and the age of the movie.

FWC: As home broadband speeds increase, can we expect higher quality from VUDU delivered movies in the future?

VUDU:  Yes..VUDU is focused on providing the best video experience…stay tuned.

Format War Central would like to thank the people at VUDU for taking the time to answer our questions.

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