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Posted by Mehar Gill on July 21, 2008 
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The DVD Forum archives tend to hold great things, in keeping with their nature, the Forum passes what it wants and lets the world find out about it on there own. We decided to do some more digging and have potentially found out what DVD-DL is, see the diagrams for more info: (Click thumbnails for full diagrams)

The kiosk idea is pretty neat, no details have been released regarding the time it will take for the process to finish, what payment methods it accepts (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, etc). Seeing it in stores seems like a neat idea, history shows that companies who have tried to produce “off shoots” of main stream mediums and market them see little success. It seems like it will lead to some consumer confusion, since the discs themselves will not work “fully” in existing DVD players or recorders.

The documents do not mention a codec so we are still oblivious as to whether or not the content will be capable of HD content. The physical specifications of the disc WERE released, the disc is a dual sided DVD 9 (17GB), however since it will not work with existing hardware it is pretty inexcusable that it’s just a DVD 9 disc. The warning message’s for each of the scenarios have also been draw up, more info here.

The DVD Forum is having a verification seminar in August whose key points will be, HD DVD, CH DVD, and DVD DL so we assume more information will be “released” then. Feel free to browse through our old post as well.

It dosen’t seem fair to call the disc the DVD Forum’s answer to Blu-ray or Toshiba’s “Blu-ray Killer” since the technology was under development before HD DVD or Blu-ray even hit the market. As mentioned before, we will keep you updated regarding any further advancements of this technology.

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5 Responses to “More DVD-DL Information”

  1. merrick97 on July 21st, 2008 4:52 pm

    How the hell is this crap supposed to interest anyone? This news is garbage.

    DVD is what it is. None of this crap is going to make up for the failure of HD-DVD.

  2. Bigdmelt12 on July 21st, 2008 6:46 pm

    tell us how you really feel

  3. Mehar Gill on July 21st, 2008 7:52 pm


    Read my last paragraph,

    I’m not to sure where you live, but here at our local groccery stores we have kiosks that will allow you to rent a DVD for 24 Hours, people really go for that. This has a similar system so who really knows how far it will go. We still don’t know the purpose of the discs is though, I mean if you can burn them on your pc….

  4. Belard on July 22nd, 2008 11:31 am

    It seems like this is more usable for KIOSK. The format itself is not usable. Its kind of like the somewhat silly CD-R Music Discs. You can burn them with some newer CD-R drives, but are made for stand-alone CD-Recorders. The discs were made to be played as music discs only and won’t hold PC data.

    The DVD-DL format states that the discs should have NO problem playing on standard DVD players. But with DVD Recorders becoming popular and most computers having DVD-RW drives, THAT is a problem. Like… okay, you want me to Download a movie (changing the delivery of the movie from store to internet) for $5~10 or so and burn it onto a $1 disc that may live 3months~3years. But my standard DVD-RW drive won’t burn it nor play it?! What if a movie I burn at a KIOSK is something I take on a plane trip with my notebook – oops.

    Considering that almost everyone shops at Walmart sooner or later and such – wait a few months any any movie is about $5~10.

  5. Mehar Gill on July 22nd, 2008 11:36 am


    I guess so, I’m still not satisfied with the amount of info available to really give a sure fire opinion.

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