Revenues Down a Little, Market Share Static for Blu-ray Disc Week Ending July 6th

Posted by Dave Cowl on July 16, 2008 
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According to Home Media Magazine, the Blu-ray market share remains at 7% for another week when comparing the top 20 titles versus DVD, for the week ending July 6th. Revenues dropped just below the $8M mark, to $7.86M.

The best news is that there are charts for Blu-ray sales and market share on a per title basis again after no shows for two weeks!

The chart was leaded Vantage Point, which easily surpassed 10,000 B.C. in its second week. The other top 10 titles were National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Jumper, Drillbit Taylor, Gangs of New York, Meet The Browns, Cloverfield and The Bucket List.

I am surprised to see the legs on National Treasure 2 and Jumper. Also noteworthy are Mad Men – Season One and the old 1966 Adam West version of Batman: The Movie, which take 18th and 19th place – impressive considering the niche appeal and both were released the week before. I would like to know where Batman placed in its release week!

In the per title market share chart there were not too many surprises, though certainly some interesting observations. The new catalog titles that sold over 50% on Blu-ray were Batman: The Movie and Gangs of New York. Cloverfield and There Will Be Blood continue to do very well on Blu-ray, selling over a third on Hi Def Disc. Earlier Day and Date releases Casino Royale and 300 have over a quarter market share for Blu-ray.

For the new / recent releases, 10,000 BC sold just over 10% while Vantage Point managed just over 9% Blu-ray market share. The Spiderwick Chronicles reached 4.9%, Drillbit Taylor had 4.3% and Meet the Browns managed just over 1% – clearly not a popular title for the Blu-ray demographic.

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