Pioneer Lowers BD Drive Price and More!

Posted by Mehar Gill on June 24, 2008 
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Engadget is reporting that Pioneer has lowered the price of the BDC-S02BKZ Blu-ray Disc Combo in China by 41% , bringing the price down to 999 yuan ($145).

They also report that various source’s are stating Sony is set to launch their first Blu-ray player in the region next month for $230.

It looks like the tables will turn for this format war, before HD DVD launched first with Blu-ray trailing, now Blu-ray launches before CH DVD[in China]. We wonder if the end results will also change.

During the DVD forums last meeting they passed very requests by the “CH DVD Association”, of course Toshiba is leading the charge with CH DVD in China. We are unable to confirm the presence of CH DVD players  in China, however we can confirm CH DVD will launch later this year.

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