Studio Heads Target $1 Billion for Blu-ray

Posted by Dave Cowl on June 17, 2008 
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A report over at Home Media Magazine indicates that studio bosses are aiming for $1 Billion revenue for Blu-ray Disc for 2008.

That is the magic number for Blu-ray Disc sales according to a majority of the home entertainment studio presidents at ‘transFORMATions’ – the seventh annual Home Entertainment Summit.

Seven studio home entertainment presidents – from Disney, Fox, Paramount, Lionsgate, Sony, Universal and Warner – presented a unified voice for the high-definition format on one stage – Blu-ray’s success is around the corner, not years down the line, they believe.

With American household Blu-ray player penetration forecasted at 2.5 million to 3 million by year’s end, the studios don’t believe the figures to be that far-fetched.

The target is $2.5 billion by the end of 2009.

My favourite quote from the article is from Craig Kornblau: “Years from now, we’ll laugh at the things we did with HD DVD.” – adding that soon all of Universal’s Blu-ray Discs will be BD Live enabled.

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One Response to “Studio Heads Target $1 Billion for Blu-ray”

  1. thomas p vinelli on June 17th, 2008 1:53 pm

    well this is good news.hearing this from the studio’s,shows how much they want blu-ray to suceed.hopefully this will stop some negitive blu-ray fud from bitter hd dvd supporters.these are people who during the war couldn’t get enough hdm as long as it was hd dvd,but now with blu-ray their talking about waiting for another format to come along….well good more bd for me!

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