Best Buy “Sweetens” The Deal on Insignia Blu-ray Player

Posted by Mehar Gill on May 28, 2008 
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Last week we reported on the Insignia Blu Ray Player that would cost about $349.99, the player was met with much criticism due to the small price difference from the PS3, specifications, and previous questionable product’s from Best Buy’s in-house brand.

Today Best Buy has revealed the player will come with a $100 coupon book, according to EngadgetHD, the coupon book is redeemable in store’s only and will feature discounts on Blu-ray movies. Not much information regarding the player or it’s accessories has been released by Best Buy so far.

We might be tempted to buy this, if only we knew the proper specifications for this unit! This player is just bait for average consumer who heard about “The Blu-ray” player from CNN (Couldn’t find their most recent article on it, since their search function is awful) and felt obligated to get it so they could stay current.

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One Response to “Best Buy “Sweetens” The Deal on Insignia Blu-ray Player”

  1. Belard on May 30th, 2008 3:58 am

    Well… just got back from one of my local wal-marts an hour ago. So I’d like to add (report) what is happening in Texas.

    First, they have totally re-arrange the A/V/computer section in this store. Added a rather large Blu-Ray section with 5 players to choose from including the PS3 (rather than just in the Game section).

    1 – The Magnovox is the exact same player. It sells for $299 on the shelf with boxes below. Its not quite horrible, its minimalist design with a front SD-slot. Cheap, yes. Would I want to buy it, no. On the back, it ONLY has HDMI and component output for video, nothing more. The unit is rather large for some reason, especially next to the other blu-Ray players.

    2 – Next in stock is the Samsung P1500 for $348. Its face is flat compared to the LAST generation of Samsungs. No SD-card slot. The buttons on the front are goldish in color and look kind of cheap. Its very thin.. but the back is rather interesting. It has HDMI, Component output of course, but also quite a bit of audio options, composite video out, USB and.. and a Network (Ethernet) port. This is a Blu-Ray LIVE player (2.0)?! For $350?! Wow. The display says “Live” as does the boxes.

    3 – The Panasonic is next. Its $449. I’m guessing its a verion of the BD30 (Remember, Walmart, CostCo and Sams will sometimes get special model # for various reasons). Its a 1.1 player. It has a big face door hiding the basic buttons and SD-Slot. Buttons are cheasy, but functional. Gee, back in the OLD days, my first $800 HiFi VCR had 20 buttons, audio Recording Levels (that came in handy), light, knobs, dials – I miss my HR-422 (Kind of like this: which replaced mine which was 16lbs ) ANYWAYS… this unit looks sharp(with doors closed), well built and lots of output options.

    4 – Standard SONY $388~399 player next to the $399 Playstation 3.

    Yeah… $200 Blu-Ray players by Christmas shouldn’t be a problem. But I’ll has a PS3 by then and if nothing changes, Panasonic will be in my future.

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