Blu-ray Market Share Week Ending May 11th

Posted by Dave Cowl on May 19, 2008 
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There was not much movement in the Blu-ray market share for the week ending May 11th according to the most recent Home Media Magazine.

Once again the market share versus DVD when comparing the top 20 titles for each format was 5%. The revenue for the week was down slightly on last week, a fall of just over 7%.

The Top 20 chart held few surprises, except perhaps that Twister was the top selling title in its first week of release, edging out The Golden Compass in its second week (where Rentrak had it the other way around in their chart). P.S. I Love you came in third while another new release, First Sunday, was fifth place. Otherwise the chart was the typical collection of recent releases and hot selling catalogue titles.

Home Media Magazine also added a new interesting chart that ranks titles based on their percentage sales of DVD. It is very interesting to see which titles sell well on Blu-ray compared to DVD. While it is no surprise that titles like Twister, one of the oldest DVD titles but freshly released on Blu-ray, sells well compared to the DVD it is interesting to see that some new releases such as Hitman, I am Legend and No Country for Old Men, do well against their Day and Date DVD release, others like Juno, 27 Dressess and and First Sunday, not so well.

Perhaps it is a sign of the current Blu-ray owning demographic – or even the strong influence of PS3 doubling as a Blu-ray player – having a strong effect here.

However when you see the performance of titles that are not new to either Blu-ray or DVD, such as 300 and , you can see that there is true value to the Blu-ray format in the studios’ view, potentially allowing them to ‘resell’ movies in the new format.

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4 Responses to “Blu-ray Market Share Week Ending May 11th”

  1. Kersey on May 19th, 2008 11:53 pm

    “It is interesting to see that some new releases such as Hitman, I am Legend and No Country for Old Men, do well against their Day and Date DVD release, others like Juno, 27 Dressess, not so well.”

    Legend and Country, Region free and Juno and Dresses region locked – Coincidence…I think not.

    Kersey Norway

  2. webdev511 on May 20th, 2008 8:29 am

    I think it’s more likely that Juno and 27 Dresses are chick flicks, but if that trend of higher sales on region free continues, then I would stand corrected.

  3. Dave Cowl on May 20th, 2008 8:58 am

    Hitman is not region free.

    I side with the demographic argument myself… though I am sure that for some titles that are region free, some decent number will ship internationally.

  4. Kevin Murphy on May 21st, 2008 10:58 pm

    What appeals to PS3 owners will move. What doesn’t won’t. Only the PS3 matters, and pretty soon that’s all you’ll see on BD: Batman yes, Grey’s Anatomy not so much.

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