The Future Of Interactivity: Part Deux

Posted by James Segars on May 15, 2008 
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Although it feels like just yesterday when we were all giddy about Imagion’s Dynamic HD features, our search for a Blu-ray equivalent may have just come to end. Enter Biddle, an extremely exciting tech offering from the Korean based company, Dreamer, that aims to change the way we use our Blu-ray players forever.

Having accumulated over one million users in their native land, Dreamer has successfully proven that their tech is both viable and — perhaps more importantly — desirable.

What’s it do, you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, a whole hell of lot. For starters, users can connect to the Biddle servers to retrieve alternative audio/commentary/subtitle tracks, additional bonus material, partake in interactive casual gaming, connect to social networking services, or make secure purchases of merchandise (film related or otherwise).

Still left wanting more? Ok, how about this one. Biddle also promises to transform your BDP into an IPTV/VOD set-top-box as well. With this feature enabled you BDP/PS3 might very well become the centerpiece of your home theater, shoving aside archaic cable set-top units and any other Digital Download solutions. Clearly the PS3 stands to benefit the most due to it’s increased storage capacity over its standalone brethren, but the Biddle client itself is extremely small, with “only the BIDDLE client and a URL need[ing] to be stored on the disc.” Better yet, Dreamer maintains that although BDP’s aren’t as powerful as the PC’s of today, the service was designed with set-top units in mind, ere go the performance on BDP’s should be significantly enhanced, which should help to ease any worries consumers might have with regard to Biddle’s performance capabilities.

It is worth noting that all of Biddle’s features are available today — no mention of vaporware here — and with Dreamer’s recent expansion into the States via their Burbank, CA office, we’re willing to bet that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Dreamer/Biddle in the months to come. And quite frankly, we’re absolutely thrilled about that!

So what have you to say BD-Live haters? Still opposed to CE companies “imposing useless” tech on you?

Biddle’s product page, here.

Biddle’s tech explained, here

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One Response to “The Future Of Interactivity: Part Deux”

  1. Justin Sluss on May 16th, 2008 9:37 pm

    Great article James! Very interesting. This biddle could actually make things really explode for Blu-ray Disc Players.

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