HD Amazon Unbox/TiVo Content Coming Soon?

Posted by James Segars on May 12, 2008 
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“In the not too distant future,” says Jim Denney — VP of Product Marketing at TiVo — we will see both Amazon and TiVo announce HD capabilities for their Unbox ecosystem. While Denney is both confident and thrilled with the move to provide TiVo customers with HD Unbox content, he has a rather interesting take on Blu-ray’s victory of the high def format war. Feel free to call him a dreamer, but Denney envisions Blu-ray and TiVo HD co-existing peacefully. He imagines that customers will call upon their Blu-ray hardware for the latest movies in HD and then turn to their TiVo HD to get their HD television/Unbox fix.

Well, Jim, we think that’s all swell, but there could be a major hitch in your plan for world domination. The main prerequisite for TiVo — and TiVo HD — service is cable. If the consumer has a better selection of HD On Demand content, or pay-per-view HD titles, from their cable provider where’s the motivation for people to use their TiVo HD Unbox functionality? Add to that the recent announcement from Warner Bros. that all of their movies will be debuting day-and-date on Apple TV/Comcast On Demand alongside the DVD/BD releases, and things are beginning to look slightly grimmer on the Unbox HD front before it’s even had a chance to debut.

Bear in mind, we love TiVo as much as the next guy, and we applaud them for the further advancement of their tech… we’re just not all that sure that Unbox/Tivo have what it takes to throw down and fight for dominance in the download marketplace, should it ever come down to it.

Read, here.

Via, EngadgetHD.

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2 Responses to “HD Amazon Unbox/TiVo Content Coming Soon?”

  1. Dave Cowl on May 13th, 2008 11:40 am

    This could be interesting, depending on how much it costs.

  2. Yun Lin on May 13th, 2008 6:27 pm

    Just 2 comments:

    1) Tivo vs AppleTV, it comes down to install bases. If someone already has TivoHD but no AppleTV, and can get Unbox HD rentals, would they pay hundreds of $ to get an AppleTV just so they can rent a movie the day the DVD comes out? I wouldn’t. It’s only in users who own both, then AppleTV would be competing with Unbox. I doubt that they would be a significant portion of Tivo HD users though.

    2) Tivo Unbox vs cable OnDemand. Tivo Unbox gives you the advantage of downloading a movie/TV show and watching it over time. Especially for TV shows, which are bought, and not rented, so it stays on the box for ever, and user can watch whenever. You don’t get that with OnDemand.

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