Blu-ray Market Share Static, Sales Down 7 Percent

Posted by Dave Cowl on May 3, 2008 
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It looks like Home Media Magazine has made more changes in the way they report the HD Media market share.

We see that while the weekly market share versus HD DVD is still reported (it was 93:7), that is the last remaining information on HD DVD sales. The charts no longer list HD DVD or aggregate sales at all – instead there is a top 20 chart for Blu-ray titles. In the summary there is a welcome change – the since inception ratio (which really is redundant now) has been replaced with a spending summary, which includes the unit and revenue numbers as well as the comparison to the previous week.

In any case, this week we see that Blu-ray maintained the 6% market share compared to the top 20 DVDs. Sales for Blu-ray were $9.2M with 250k units sold (an average sale price just under $37!), which is down 7.23% compared to last week. Something to note is that roughly half of the Top 20 DVDs are available on Blu-ray. Perhaps a key addition to help Blu-ray’s market share versus DVD will be Day and Date titles from Paramount and Universal, considering Cloverfield and Charlie Wilson’s War are in the top 3 DVDs.

In the Blu-ray Top 20, the leaders were once again AVP:R, Juno and I am Legend. The Orphanage did pretty well for a foreign title, coming in at number 8 and One Missed Call just made the chart at number 20.

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3 Responses to “Blu-ray Market Share Static, Sales Down 7 Percent”

  1. Justin Sluss on May 3rd, 2008 6:53 pm

    I’m totally amazed “One Missed Call” made it into the Top 20 BD titles. A bunch of people must be really upset now that they’ve realized it was a crap horror film. hehe

  2. thomas p vinelli on May 4th, 2008 5:38 pm

    i’m glad the orphanage is doing well.
    this is one i have to see.i hear its a ghost story
    that will truely frighten you.

    i’m not shocked at blu-rays slow start since the war ended.i think the studio’s and ce’s know they need to find ways to lower prices of hardware&software.we all know that they need to make a profit,but at the same time lowing costs.
    i don’t think that will happen this year,but people need to understand the reason bd movies cost what they cost is because it cost more to manufactor bd’s then dvd’s.

  3. Adouble on May 5th, 2008 2:30 pm

    I recently saw “The Orphanage” since you brought it up. I was not impressed at all with this film and I am a huge fan of “Children of Men” and the producer’s work on “Pan’s”, “Blade”, “Hellboy”.
    Don’t get your hopes too high on this one.

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