Where Did All The B1G1′s Go, Blu-ray?

Posted by James Segars on April 24, 2008 
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BDNoHeart.jpgWoe unto us.  Doesn’t it feel like enticing deals on Blu-ray discs are few and far between these days?  We sure think so.  It’s not like we didn’t see it coming, but it’s still putting a damper on our impulse BD’s nonetheless. 

It feels like just yesterday when the competition between HD DVD and Blu-ray was inciting incredible disc deals at major retailers nearly every week.  Now, all we have to look forward to are the B2G1 free offers, which are pretty worthless, let’s be honest.

Sure the studios want to recoup some of their losses, and they’re fighting an uphill battle against the DVD install base, but surely they can indulge in a monthly B1G1 Blu-ray event to keep the current users happy, no?

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15 Responses to “Where Did All The B1G1′s Go, Blu-ray?”

  1. Beta-guy on April 24th, 2008 4:07 pm

    admit it, you’re just upset you missed out on the offers for Blu-ray, aren’t you :) TBH I participated in only 1 B1G1 sale, so this really isn’t hurting me, nor did I expect the BOGOs to last forever I’m sure we all knew that it was temporary just like the 5 free movies per player deal (I missed out on that as I bought too early)

  2. Ryan on April 24th, 2008 4:38 pm

    It’s exactly what we thought would happen – prices have gone up (Commando retails for $30, come on!), sales have gone down, and even the rental companies (NetFlix) have announced they’ll NOW start charging extra – not at first, not when they bought up the inventory, just when there was only one format left to attempt success. NOW they’ll tack on the extra charge. quality is on the decline too (See above; Commando). NOW that there is only one choice. It’s become the cable company. We would’ve all been better had HD DVD stuck around, we could at least be watching Cloverfield in HD …

  3. Ryan on April 24th, 2008 4:39 pm

    Oh, add in the fact that gas is $4 a gallon and what have you got; a recipe for failure.

  4. webdev511 on April 24th, 2008 5:48 pm

    War’s over B1G1 no longer need to feed disc sales and pump up attach rate.

    B2G1 hasn’t been very tempting as the selection was poor to say the least.

    I’ve got 170 or so HD DVD’s to watch. Maybe BD prices will have dropped by the time I get half way through.

  5. Dave Cowl on April 24th, 2008 8:06 pm

    Just wait for sales if you think they are too expensive. As webd notes, most of us have plenty of discs for the time being.

    The real downside is for newcomers who have no HD discs could be discouraged.

    As for Commando, it is the same price as other Fox discs (except for the few they decided to drop the retail price on) have been since day one – it is not a recent thing.

  6. Mi on April 24th, 2008 9:15 pm

    Wow, lets start a meaningless flame war.

    One last time; having a single unified format doesn’t cause prices to go up, but it does prevent them from being artificially lowered, and prevents the format from dying off. Remember all the artificially low pricing Toshiba was doing on HDVD players? Where are they now?

    I suppose the refrigerator industry is doomed unless they start doing BOGO’s too?

  7. littlealex on April 25th, 2008 2:31 am

    The refrigerator industry doesn\’t have any competition , BD still has to take DVD down and at the moment that simply isn\’t going to happen.

  8. Chris on April 25th, 2008 8:25 am

    1.) who’s to say that cheaper BD prices would be artificially low?

    2.) I only need on refrigerator….

    3.) BOGO’s were created to strictly eliminate HD-DVD… period….

    Joe 6-pack ain’t ready to buy a 25 buck catalog title when he can get the SD-DVD for 9…

  9. jason on April 25th, 2008 9:24 am

    Amen to that…they need to get back on those deals and studios need to be releasing better titles if they want this format to take off. I’m done buying blu’s that lack next gen audio. DD and DD+ just don’t cut it for me.

  10. Kevin Murphy on April 25th, 2008 10:03 am

    Told. You. So.

  11. DavidB on April 25th, 2008 1:01 pm

    Lack of B11G1 offers is no surprise.

    If the studios REALLY wanted to spur on Blu-ray sales, they’d start releasing ALL new titles exclusively on Blu-ray for at least a week or two before the DVD release. That will encourage all the lemmings that absolutely MUST HAVE a title as soon as it hits retail to run out and “Go Blu” and they’ll sell MILLIONS more Blu-ray movies.

  12. NextGenScared on April 26th, 2008 11:07 am

    In-a-nutshell,the cost of building new pressing plants for blu-ray, manufacturing costs including programming the interactive codecs which are now at version 2.0, and the loads of money Sony cough’ed up to get the other studios to join their side, has to be passed on to someone! YOU!!!

    Remember how hd dvd’s codecs were final at launch? They were able to use their existing pressing plants from the dvd’s to press hd dvd? The only time an hd dvd disc came close to the price of blu-ray or slightly more was with the combo disc! Which could be played on either an hd dvd or regular dvd player just flip it over!

    Everyone losses, those who bought into the blu now that blu-ray has won the HD format war….
    Now that the dust has cleared, I bet hd dvd is waiting on the side to rescue the industry after the consumer’s have educated themselves about blu-ray and come out with something thats better than blu-ray,but can play existing hd dvd discs!!!

  13. Jesterrace on April 27th, 2008 12:42 am

    As others have mentioned this is no surprise. Congrats on helping to put Sony and co. in charge of high-def.

  14. Belard on April 29th, 2008 2:29 pm

    HD-DVD disc manufacturing was a few cents less than Blue…. not including Combo Discs which I wouldn’t have wanted anyways.

    And the costs for RED would have been up if what could fit on a single Blu Disc required 2 Red Discs…

    Oh.. this past weekend in Texas, Circut City had a B2G1 and Best Buy was offering deals as well.

    *Sigh* Again with Sony buying off WB? Er, didn’t happen. A paper trail to that amount of show up and they have admitted no such thing. But I don’t see YOU or other Red-fan boys crying about HD-DVD paying $150 million to Paramount which WAS very public. Sales trend of hardware and software is why WB ended the war…. They only dropped the bomb to end the format war early… otherwise it would be going on for another year or so with the same results… and more screwed customers with a dead format.

    Even JUST before WB dopped RED (and even to this day, are the LAST to support RED) – the number of titles for RED were weak. The number of Blu Titles have exploded in the past few months – NOT INCLUDING titles from Paramount or Universal.

    As of now… I’m looking to pick up a PS3. (A) I want to play GTA4 and (B) it does include a Blu-Ray player. (C) Its $400. (D) I’ll get a dedicated BR player in a year or so when they are cheaper.

    Please remember: Toshbia players still required firm-ware updates to fix problems… so its not like they were PERFECT out the door either. NOBODY WAS… PERIOD.

  15. Jesterrace on May 5th, 2008 9:29 pm

    Yeah, but the difference was that the players cost significantly less. It’s one thing for a $100-$150 machine have a few bugs, it’s another for a $300-$400 machine to have them.

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