Netblender CEO John Harrington Answers A Few Questions About BD Touch

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on April 23, 2008 
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bdtouch.jpgNetblender’s forthcoming “BD Touch” application brings BD Live integration to the iPhone, and that brought a few questions to mind. Netblender’s CEO John Harrington answers the questions we had regarding this new technology.

Tyler: What are the limits of the BD Touch framework? Can it write directly to the iPhone hardware? Like how the WiFi Music store works?

John: The limits of the framework are only based on the limits of the Apple iPhone SDK. One such limit is the lack of bluetooth functionality.

Tyler: Will BD Touch authored discs be ready for the launch of Apple’s iPhone App Store?

John: The launch of the App Store will happen before any discs are ready.

Tyler: Will there be a generic BD Touch iPhone application, or will each studio/disc have it’s own iPhone app that will need to be downloaded from Apple?

John: At the moment there are not plans to provide a generic BD Touch iPhone application. However a studio might build their own app, or they might find one that is already built and design their title to work with it. An example of this would be an iPhone Movie Database application, or an iPhone application. Each studio does not have to write their own version of this but will leverage the ones that are already built.

Tyler: Updating a user’s rental queue was mentioned as a feature, does this refer to Netflix/Blockbuster Online?

John: This feature can work with either system but currently only a NetFlix one is in the works. We would love to see someone write a Blockbuster one with the SDK.

Tyler: Will BD Touch have any features that are compatible with older non-BD Live discs?

John: No, BD Touch is an extension of BD Live functionality so a BD Live player and BD Live disc are required.

Tyler: Will there be a stand alone Mac OS X application or Dashboard Widget that performs the same functions?

John: We do not have any plans at the moment for a standard dashboard application

We would again like to thank John for taking the time out of his day to answer our questions.

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