DVD Empire to Focus on Blu-ray Disc

Posted by Dave Cowl on February 20, 2008 
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DVDEmpire234X60.thumbnail.gifVideo Business is reporting that will also be focusing on the Blu-ray format.

DVD Empire will still be accommodating to consumers who have found themselves on the ‘losing end’ of the stick.

“ will now be putting its support behind the Blu-ray
format,” said Shannon Nutt, the site’s editorial director. “However, we
want those who own HD DVD players to know that for the time being, we
will continue to fill orders and provide HD DVD titles for those who
wish to buy them.”

In the coming weeks, DVD Empire is planning to put its entire HD DVD
inventory on sale. It’s not clear the scale of the discounts that will
be offered. DVD Empire has likewise not canceled any outstanding orders
for still expected HD DVD titles, which include Paramount Home
Entertainment’s Bee Movie on March 11.

Via Blu-ray Stats 

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One Response to “DVD Empire to Focus on Blu-ray Disc”

  1. poppy on February 20th, 2008 5:06 pm

    DVD Empire has been very anti-HD DVD for some time now, which is surprising that they would want to alienate any of their customers, especially since their HD DVD sales, by their own published metrics, has been 50/50 or better in favor of HD DVD at times.

    This begs the question that Mr. Nutt might be a paid mouthpiece for the Blu-Ray folks.

    Shannon Nutt (not his real name), has been publishing regular anti-HD DVD editorials for a couple of months now. Any comments that might have disagreed with the editorials have been ignored, only those comments in agreement have been included in with each editorial.

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