Strong Week for Blu-ray – VideoScan First Alert Week Ending Feb 10

Posted by Dave Cowl on February 15, 2008 
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hmm210.thumbnail.jpgIn the latest Home Media Magazine we read that Blu-ray had a good week, outselling HD DVD by a 4:1 ratio for the week ending February 10.

The official market share ratio from VideoScan First Alert data was 81:19 for the week.

The Year to Date ratio is now 77:23 and the market share since inception remains at 65:35 in favour of Blu-ray Disc. 

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5 Responses to “Strong Week for Blu-ray – VideoScan First Alert Week Ending Feb 10”

  1. Juan on February 15th, 2008 11:31 am

    C’mon HD DVD… You can do it! Don’t go down without a fight (Even if it is fixed). Fight dirty!

  2. Dave Cowl on February 15th, 2008 11:46 am

    You think it has been a clean fight up to now?

  3. Juan on February 15th, 2008 12:37 pm

    No it hasn’t been a clean fight. Both camps were arguing like kids about thier format having advantages over the other. I guess I meant to say was “fight dirtier”. Kind of like the console war between Nintendo & Sega when Sega had that commercial of a guy shooting down a Nintendo system with a shotgun into hundreds of pieces. But…then again Nintendo did win that war.

    Arrgh! I guess I am just grieving and wiping the tears with my credit card bills for choosing the losing side.

    So I guess I shouldn’t buy any more HD DVD media, eh? The hell with it I give up on HD DVD. Damn it, I really wanted Beowolf & Bee Movie. If anyone was in my “RED” shoes what would you do with over 3 dozen HD DVD’s? Pray for some sort of future compadibilty in Blu-ray players right? That’ll never happen though. Should I pray that the Hollywood studios adopt a format exchange program for thier media (aknowledging customer support for a 1080p version of that title)? That won’t happen either. Well I guess the reality is that I will own them forever then no longer be able to play them once my HD DVD player breaks down and I cannot buy a replacement unit. Right? Someone tell me what happens about HD DVD A.D. and the fate of my library.

  4. Dave Cowl on February 15th, 2008 1:58 pm

    Now that you have a player, you may as well get discs for it.

    I don’t see any reason to not enjoy the discs that are available or soon to be released. While the future will likely mean few to no HD DVD releases into 2009, you can enjoy what is there for only the cost of the discs (and you might get some real bargains there).

    I still enjoy my library of UMD Movie discs on my PSP, even though there are few additions to be made…

  5. indadogghouse on February 15th, 2008 2:21 pm

    Just hope your HD DVD will never break down. Like I hope my 8 track will never break down :o O

    So, work this week is a little quiet, so I’ve gotten the opportunity to blog a bit.

    These videoscan numbers just don’t provide enough info. I wish they provided some overall HD discs sold to get some perspective.

    So, I’ve spent my remaining time at work doing some math with the #’s that are available, and derived some more numbers. I love numbers. Hopefully I did the math right.

    Starting with week ending 1/6:
    BR 65:35, overall YTD 65:35
    Resident Evil #1, and only HD title on top 10 being Bourne Ulti. Kind of ho hum.

    Week ending 1/13:
    BR 85:15, overall YTD 74:36
    3:10 to Yuma overwhelmingly #1, no HD on list, right after Warner announcement
    Even so, there is only a 7% increase in BR sales, but a 106% increase in overall BR sales, e.g. if there were 13,000 BR discs week of 1/6, there were 13,909 BR discs week of 1/13.
    HD tanked, seeing a 65% decrease with a 35% increase overall

    Week ending 1/20:
    BR 83:17, overall 76:24
    Good luck chuck is #1 with Yuma a close 2nd, no HD on list.
    BR sales drops 38% from week before, up 32% overall
    HD drops another 28% from week before, up 19% overall
    Make sense, nothing to buy.

    Week ending 1/27:
    BR 82:18, overall 77:23
    Saw IV #1, no HD on list
    BR sales drop again another 11% from week before, overall up another 21.5%
    HD drops another 4.7% from previous week, up 15% overall
    Again, no big movies.

    Week ending 2/3:
    BR 74:26, overall 76:24
    Yuma #1 but everyone’s pretty close, and there are 2 old HD titles on list
    BR up 171% from previous week, 48% overall
    HD up 333% from previous week, 56.5% overall
    No new titles, must be attributed to big promotions for both sides.

    Week ending 2/10:
    BR 81:19, overall 77:23
    3 new BR releases occupy the top 3 spots, HD has 1 new release and sits at #9
    BR down 18%, up 27% overall
    HD down 45%, up 20% overall
    Even with 3 new BR titles, still down from week before. Deals and promotions mean more then content, eh? Too much bad news for HD side? Only a 9 spot for Elizabeth:GA (only new release I’ve bought this year). I like Cate, the trailer seems interesting, video and sound seem like HD would some good for the film (sea battles, old england, old europe, nice vistas, nice costumes, full of color). Haven’t watched it yet, we’ll see.

    Just in time to go home.

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