Blu-ray Only for Next National Geographic Release

Posted by Dave Cowl on January 27, 2008 
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natgeo.thumbnail.gifWe read at News for Gamers that National Geographic has announced a new title to retailers for April, which will not have an HD DVD counterpart to the Blu-ray and DVD release. 

"Sharkwater" will release on April 8, which is before the June ‘cut off’ date for Warner HD DVD releases, indicating that National Geographic is following New Line’s lead and ceasing HD development ‘early’.

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One Response to “Blu-ray Only for Next National Geographic Release”

  1. Belard on January 28th, 2008 5:41 pm

    I think that NG maybe NOT announcing NEW titles. Iif they have some in the production or scheduled – they may continue those.

    When a studio KNOWS its not making any more movies for a format, not much point to bring more titles to the market.

    On OTHER forums – Some HD-DVD owners are already stating they are NOT buying any more HD-DVD discs… Why buy more discs for a dying format?

    And many of us KNOW how business is. Companies will deny any change in plans until they are ready to do so. When Paramount jumps ship – it will be without notice… they could say “we’re with HD-DVD” and the very next day say “Due to market trends of continued growth of Blu-Ray players, we are unable to continue support for the HD-DVD format. We apoligize for screwing over or customers and for our stupidity of taking the $150million bribe to extend this format war. Thank you”

    I think we are already seeing a trend of WB releases being scaled back… in 4 months, no more HD-DVD.

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