Playstation 3 Firmware Update Released

Posted by Dave Cowl on December 18, 2007 
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Probably most of you are aware that Playstation 3 is now updating to firmware 2.10. This update adds Divx and WMV decoding for video as well as a voice pitch changer that can be used during chat (for what purpose I don’t yet know).

This release is rumoured to also include support for Final Standard Profile discs (profile 1.1), making the majority of Blu-ray playback devices compliant overnight – I guess we will need to wait for the Lionsgate releases to test that out though.

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4 Responses to “Playstation 3 Firmware Update Released”

  1. Stephan on December 18th, 2007 4:20 am

    Still no lossless audio via bit stream??? :-(

  2. Tyler Pruitt on December 18th, 2007 4:45 am


     Silicon Image has confirmed the PS3′s HDMI transmitter chip doesn’t support bitstream output.

  3. videophilic on December 19th, 2007 6:33 am

    when can the ps3 play from dvd folders???

  4. Ryan on December 19th, 2007 5:54 pm

    Argh, fix my Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer issues and I’ll be more impressed!

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