Warner: We’re Still Purple!

Posted by James Segars on December 11, 2007 
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We’ll keep this short and sweet.  Pravin, over at is reporting that Mr. Don Lindich, of Sound Advice Blog fame, has received a direct quote from Jim Noonan, Warner Bros. Senior Vice President and General Manager, that Warner’s future is indeed purple. 

"Dear Mr. Lindich, We have made no decision to change our present policy which is to produce in both HD DVD and Blu-ray." – Jim Noonan

As we reported only days ago, BusinessWeek ran a story in which the Vice Chairman of Lionsgate, Michael Burns, exclaimed, "The rumor is that Warner is coming aboard soon.

While we’re not entirely buying WB’s everlasting "purple" stance, we are fairly certain that this rumor never held much water at all considering the source came from outside of the executives of Warner Brothers. 

When, and if, a shift in policy of this magnitude drops, we expect that it will come unannounced in order to maximize the PR shock effect, much like the Paramount/Dreamworks shift. 

As for the time being though, WB seems to be quite happy supporting both formats.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any further updates. post, here.

Sound Advice post, here.

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14 Responses to “Warner: We’re Still Purple!”

  1. Kris on December 11th, 2007 2:14 pm

    Of course the rumor was false just like all the other times Blu-ray has said Warner was going blu only, and it has been fake everytime. I guess one of the times, it was actually made up by an HD DVD fan as a joke, but this is just getting so old! Wish both camps would just STFU and let confirmation of rumors be made at CES 2008, rather than trying to control what people would/should buy for this holiday season, especially with lies and deceipt.

  2. Devils Advocate on December 11th, 2007 2:36 pm

    I do find it odd, that this is the ONLY site that reports this.  But whatever, the reality is this:Warner is neutral until they announce otherwise.Right, Dave? Tyler? James?   

  3. James Segars on December 11th, 2007 2:49 pm

    What do you mean by the only site?  

  4. C on December 11th, 2007 3:50 pm

    Pretty strange that the best reporting on this whole format war comes from the internet fan sites and blogs, not the actual media outlets. Isn’t this the kind of thing that Business Week should have asked about, btw?

  5. Chuck on December 11th, 2007 3:57 pm

    So someone heard that someone else receieved a direct quote from a Warner VP?  Why would Warner feel the need to contact Don Lindich?  Sounds pretty made up.

  6. Kris on December 11th, 2007 4:10 pm

    BusinessWeek is PRO blu-ray.. read any of the previous articles written by that same author, its obvious he just prefers the blu-ray format and will say anything on BusinessWeek to get others to follow his opinion.  Its just pathetic that he has to stretch the truth and make something sound certain when its not true at all.. Its called, "no credibility" as a writer!

  7. Devils Advocate on December 11th, 2007 4:38 pm

    James, what Im saying is that none (that Im aware of) of the major publications have reported this denial in that so far the only evidence of a denial comes from a blog at   In all fairness, it did take a week or so before Warner spoke out about Silverbergs comments.  

  8. Aaron on December 11th, 2007 7:37 pm

    It seems that blu-ray supporters are really pushing this rumor for some reason. Now an "insider" on has that site all in a tizzy. Can’t we all just wait for New Year? I’m sure that’s what Warner Bros. is doing.Sales of Harry Potter and Blade Runner as well as standalone players sales will go a long way in predicting which way WB will lean. 

  9. Devils Advocate on December 11th, 2007 10:08 pm

    This is now at the point of no return and people are going to discuss it like crazy now.  Its too late. Honestly, I dont see how Warner can NOT make a choice now. 

  10. Devils Advocate on December 11th, 2007 10:40 pm

    Or soon rather.  

  11. Pravin on December 12th, 2007 3:26 pm

    The Business Week article came out on a Friday, and nationally syndicated columnist Don Lindich got this response from Warner on Monday.  

  12. Ryan on December 12th, 2007 7:09 pm

    Warner doesn’t have to make a choice because it knows the longer it stays neutral, the more money it stands to make. Especially if one of the sides does indeed pull away and actually "win" (I don’t think that will ever happen) people will be buying the titles on the winning format, they might have bought for the losing format. Either way Warner is the only non-foolish company supporting the consumers, letting them make their own choices – and I applaud them for that.

  13. Dave Cowl on December 12th, 2007 7:24 pm

    Nothing changes unless it changes. The official status will always be no change until the time that the official status has changed – much like the Viacom situation. The Burns statement was about a rumour – a rumour tend to be like virus – the more people discuss it the more widely the rumour is known until there is not doubt that there is … a rumour! What I have heard from my less than illustrious contacts is that there won’t be any news this year and the move could be as late as March 2008. What is in place currently is a potential – nothing more. Things could change if certain requirements are not met. In any case, it does not surprise me that Warner denies the rumour – as they should right up to the time if/when it becomes reality.

  14. Pravin on December 13th, 2007 1:25 am

    I agree with Dave. A logical time for Warner to decide on something like this would be after there’s been sufficient time for post-holiday buying patterns to settle down, and to see exactly where the installed bases are headed.Warner has got to feel mighty good about being the focus of this attention. They might even use it to their advantage and get concessions all around, and continue their neutral stance.

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