Michael Bay Still Prefers Blu-Ray Disc

Posted by Dave Cowl on October 22, 2007 
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transformers.jpgAfter posting on his blog that he was rethinking shooting a Transformers sequel since Transformers would not be available on Blu-ray Disc, and subsequently retracting that statement, Michael Bay has again voiced his support for Blu-ray Disc and criticised the format war, saying “As a director, my critical eye is that Blu-ray is where my money is. Consumers are smart, and they are going to wait it out.”
Showing general displeasure with the Paramount home video release of Transformers, he is also quoted as saying that the DVD for Transformers is “not as good as it could have been”.

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19 Responses to “Michael Bay Still Prefers Blu-Ray Disc”

  1. Chris on October 23rd, 2007 7:21 am

    No mention of Transformers breaking HDM sales records on this site and the posts are becoming more and more Blu-ray positive / HD DVD negative. Time for me to remove this site from my favorites list.

  2. Kris on October 23rd, 2007 8:05 am

    Well said, chris! You beat me to it but I was just about to post how much I hate the fact that ever post on this site is blu-ray biased just like engadgethd. It’s becoming ridiculous. Is this Blu-raywarcentral? No It’s format war, yet you never post any of the good news HD DVD has like record smashing 190,000 first week which beats all records in both formats. Come on guys! What is it about this stupid half-baked crap format that you like so much? They claim disk space advantage yet well over half their releases are crap 25gig mpeg2 codecs. They have no PIP, No Web capabilities, their interactivity is awful, the speed of their nightmare to code Java is horrendous, do you all just sleep with Sony? The king of failed formats? Wake up and accept the truth, that HD DVD offers a whole lot more for a whole lot less money! What a bunch of ignorant idiots in this world we live with!

  3. jadakiss on October 23rd, 2007 8:16 am

    its just the fact that people think that Transformers was all that was needed for Hd-DVD to be superior when in fact it was just because of the movie and the fact that we dont have bluray on it. If this movie was released on both formats what format do you think would sell more ? DING DING DING BLURAY THATS WHO!

  4. Dave Cowl on October 23rd, 2007 9:43 am

    Tyler asked me to contribute in order to create a balance where he was being accused of being too HD DVD biased.

    So as it stands I am posting ‘Blu-ray’ news and he posts HD DVD news, so I am/was expecting Tyler to post on the Paramount press release.

    As for ignorance, you should be aware that most Blu-ray discs have VC-1 or AVC codecs – MPEG2 is not more than half. More than 64% of releases this year have been BD50 and I expect that more than half of all BD releases will be 50GB by the end of the year. Discs with MPEG2 and only 25GB account for less than a third of all releases to date.

    As for price, Warner discs cost on average almost $2 more on HD DVD than they do on Blu-ray.

    Blu-ray has certainly taken its time with the internet and secondary stream PiP features, however those should be in place in the next few months.

    If you want to refer to people as ignorant I recommend at least getting the facts straight.

  5. Larsen on October 23rd, 2007 10:47 am

    in the article he only mentions that he hasn’t been involved in the creation of the dvd and that’s it!!! it’s only about the extras on the dvd obviously. your article right here is nothing less than very bad journalism, creating rumors using explicit wrong statements.

    you claim to be “format war central” and cannot even read news from other websites correctly. shame on you. i think i’ll do as the other guys here: delete you from my favs and read news from other, more trustworthy websites.

  6. Segarsj on October 23rd, 2007 10:55 am

    Words cannot describe my confusion over this issue.

    I just cannot believe how ungrateful he is for his opportunity to make a film that has had both an incredibly successful theatrical, and home video, release, the latter of which is only in its first week of sales, which are sure to increase throughout the holiday season.

    He has no right to bitch. None.

    The DVD isn’t as good as it could have been? Seriously?! Honestly, I think it’s fantastic. I have been greatly impressed by the HD DVD set thus far, and I can’t imagine Blu-ray delivering a better package considering a lot of the additional features wouldn’t have been able to work on there anyway. If it happened to be a Blu-ray exclusive, if Paramount had dumped HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray, we would have seen a bare bones release, with lossless audio (no problem here, DD+ has received incredibly high marks across the board) and a re-release months later (once the players were actually up to snuff) with all of the features that are currently on the HD DVD.

    Not to mention, if discs are what he’s after, what would be the benefit of releasing on Blu-ray? Is he really going to need 4 50gb discs for a special edition of “Transformers”? Would anyone really care to watch the 31.5 hours of special features that Blu-ray can afford due to their added capacity? More importantly, would any studio be willing to sink the exorbitant amount of money that it would take to produce 31.5 hours of special feature material for a 4-Disc set?

    The bottom line? He should be happy with the job he has done, and with the DVD/HD DVD release. There is really nothing left to be desired, with the exception of the inevitable “directors cut” that will certainly rear its head within the next year or so.

    All in all, something doesn’t add up here. This outburst just seems extremely out of place.

    Does anyone else feel the same?

  7. Wild Bear on October 23rd, 2007 11:00 am

    The USA Today report seems to be in conflict with what he has said on his blog on September 18…

  8. Eugene on October 23rd, 2007 11:06 am

    Funny it seems… Michael Bay said he liked the 2-disc DVD on his blog in September (Link:

    About Warner’s HD DVD releases, most of the HD DVD/DVD combos have been re-issued as non-combo discs, so prices would have been readjusted to the same levels as the BD releases at $34.99.

    Furthermore, Warner’s upcoming HD DVD/DVD combo discs for Ocean’s thirteen and Harry Potter 5 will be priced at the same level as the BD releases at a new price of $35.99 SRP. It will continue to be so.

  9. paulw on October 23rd, 2007 12:51 pm

    I listened to a review this morning on Transformers. It appears that moast of the extra stuff thast has been done on the HD DVD version can’t be done on the current Blu ray platform without having two video streams. One for the movie and one for the special effects like split screens etc. It would appear that technically HD DVD is way ahead of Blu ray..

  10. Tyler Pruitt on October 23rd, 2007 1:02 pm

    I have a funny feeling he will be issuing another retraction after the Paramount PR team talks to him again.

  11. Tyler Pruitt on October 23rd, 2007 1:15 pm


    Are those quotes incorrect?

  12. Dave Cowl on October 23rd, 2007 1:16 pm

    Larsen: The words “As a director, my critical eye is that Blu-ray is where my money is” are a direct quote from the article. As are the words “It’s a good DVD. But not as good as it could have been”.

    Please explain again how quoting these direct MB quotes is “nothing less than very bad journalism, creating rumors using explicit wrong statements”. It would seem to me that they are the words MB used, not explicitly wrong statements. The article as posted does little else other than to present the quotes.

    Segarsj: Film makers put a lot of effort into their work and do feel that they should have some say as to how it is presented to the public. Also, there is no quote on how he felt about the HD DVD release, just the DVD release.

    It is interesting that he “fought for was having the film be on a disc by itself” implying perhaps that he wanted the best bitrate/image quality possible. This, along with lossless audio, is what a Blu-ray Disc of this title would have offered.

    Tyler: You are probably right. It is interesting though that there is dissent inside Paramount from their own directors, including Bay and Spielberg.

  13. Segarsj on October 23rd, 2007 2:37 pm


    I’m a filmmaker and as such I can identify with his desire to have a say in how the work is presented, but this is something else entirely. He is just coming across as a baby. There truly is no room to gripe. By all accounts Paramount has done a fantastic job delivering the film to the public, and the release is chock-full of extras that will satisfy your average consumer, regardless whether you choose DVD or HD DVD.

    I would not hesitate to side with Bay if Paramount crippled the release, by delivering a sub-par audio track, artifact-ridden video stream, and no extras, but this is simply not the case. Anyone that argues that is just lying to themselves, and is clearly refusing to watch the HD DVD release.

    I’m not attacking you of course, but we need to work to dispel the mindset that Bay was wronged by Paramount as far as the HD DVD/DVD authoring was concerned. It is simply not true.

    If you want to talk about being wronged by a studio, why did no one pay any mind to the absence of the IME for “Superman Returns” or Aronofksy’s commentary for “The Fountain?”

    In the case of “Superman Returns” it has long since been rumored that the IME was held back due to Blu-ray’s complete lack of support for secondary video stream decoding. Here we are, almost a year after the release of “Superman Returns” and Blu-ray still has to resort to a burned in PiP windows in order to mimic the full functionality of HD DVD.

    As for the commentary on “The Fountain”, Aronofsky himself has stated on his own blog that Warner didn’t want to include the track because “they believed it wouldn’t help sell the movie.” That is something that I find very distressing, and worthy to get worked up over.

    I’m sorry, but until I receive confirmation about this apparent wealth of special features that would have made the DVD/HD DVD releases better, I will be unable to empathize for Bay.

  14. Dave Cowl on October 23rd, 2007 4:13 pm

    It is quite possible that MB is feeling somewhat self important with these statements. That said, he is a key money maker for Paramount and so probably has some room to say things that would get other people fired.

    With any luck the whole PiP debacle will be over soon and we will no longer be concerned about secondary streams. It is odd that Warner would not put the PiP on the Superman Returns HD DVD when they have clearly done this with other titles.

  15. Segarsj on October 23rd, 2007 5:33 pm

    “It is odd that Warner would not put the PiP on the Superman Returns HD DVD when they have clearly done this with other titles.”

    Yeah, I know. I honestly can’t think of a good reason why they didn’t include it, considering both Batman Begins and V for Vendetta had IME tracks, if I’m not mistaken, and both of those were released prior to Superman Returns.

    Rumors are abound, with some saying that the tracks never existed (which would contrast directly with Singer’s statement that it would be included), while others claim that the BDA was upset that they hadn’t received Batman or V, and demanded that Superman dump the IME so it could go dual, while not favoring one format or the other, and still others claim that there will be a double dip and an ultimate edition will debut on both formats with IME and loads of extras. Either way, neither format has the Superman Returns IME as of yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for its release sometime in the near future.

  16. Dave Cowl on October 23rd, 2007 6:16 pm

    Well certainly Warner could not afford to not release the title on BD. The question is more why they didn’t just omit the features on the BD and have them on the HD DVD like 300 and Blood Diamond.

    I am holding off getting 300 since I am sure that they will eventually release a BD with the PiP…

  17. DS2 on October 24th, 2007 4:44 pm


    I was the guy at SDCC who mentioned the PIP on HD DVD and asked Zack Snyder if he had a preference between HD DVD and BluRay(yeah, I was trying to stir the pot a bit, I admit) to which he took the high road and said “I’d say get both.”

    But his wife Debra made mention of the fact that the PIP features were being worked on for a future BluRay release, which I admit threw me for a bit of a loop, since that was akin to saying “There will be another on the way with all the goodies, so why buy the one coming out now?”

    I also wonder what the Warner people thought about her mentioning that little fact the week before the street date for the non-PIP 300.

  18. Dave Cowl on October 24th, 2007 5:43 pm

    Heheh – cool. Yeah for many titles I would not care but for a select few I want the PiP commentary. For that reason I am not at all sad that Warner has further delayed Matrix, Batman Begins etc.

    Sorry to go further off topic, but I do hope that they get their act together with their BD releases for lossless audio. Lossless audio is a key feature on Blu-ray discs and the talk that T3 does not have it this late in the game to my mind is a total oversight. I would rather have lossless audio than PiP on that title… sigh…

  19. Russell Voeller on March 30th, 2008 8:33 pm

    Micheal Bay is right. Blu-ray is Better. When I purchased Troy on Blu-ray I was sold. So Transformers, needs to come to Blu-ray.Paramount would make so much more money if Transformers was to come to blu-ray. I am waiting for it to come. Be patient Micheal Bay. Your dream of Transfomers come to Blu-ray will happen. Also Bad Boys II, I can not wait to see that on Blu-ray too. Blu-ray RULES!!!!!!!! And also Micheal Bay RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The style of Bays directing like in Transformers was outstanding. In Transformers 2 I hope Starscream has a big role. He kicked but in the first one. I am so happy that the Format War is over. Who ever reads this and knows Micheal Bay personally, please tell him that I love how he directors, and that he RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And I hope one day to meet him in Person. Russell Voeller.

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