Sony DADC Produces 10 Millionth 50 Gigabyte Blu-ray Disc

Posted by Dave Cowl on October 2, 2007 
Filed Under: Blu-ray, Format War

Sony DADC has announced that is has produced its 10 Millionth BD50 Blu-ray disc while manufacturing Spider-man 3 discs. In the press release they also state that they have improved cycle times and yields for the BD5 are up to 75-79%.

The yield for single layer discs is up to 85% and daily machine capacity is nearing DVD levels and the total capacity of the three DADC plants is 21 million discs per month.

The timing of this press release is interesting and perhaps is an effort to counter the assertions by Paramount that manufacturing capacity was a concern with Blu-ray Discs.

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