FOX/MGM Fight Back with Blast of Blu

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on August 21, 2007 
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On the heels of Paramount’s big announcement, FOX/MGM have a released a list of their upcoming Blu-ray titles. We are really excited about “I, Robot” and “Master and Commander”, but wonder what happened to the previously announced “Man on Fire” (one of our D-Theater Favorites).
Upcoming FOX/MGM Blu-ray Titles:

TITLE                                                             N.A. RELEASE          INTERNATIONAL

MASTER & COMMANDER                           OCT. 2                         OCT.

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW                    OCT. 2                         NOV.

FROM HELL                                                   OCT. 9                         OCT.

THE FLY (1986)                                              OCT. 9                         Q1 08

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS                           `OCT. 9                        NOV.

28 DAYS LATER                                            OCT. 9                         North America Only

ROBOCOP (MGM)                                          OCT. 9                         DEC.

AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979) (MGM)         OCT. 9                         North America Only

BATTLE OF BRITAIN (MGM)                       NOV. 6                                    Q1 08

A BRIDGE TOO FAR (MGM)                     NOV. 6                                    Q1 08

I, ROBOT                                                        NOV. 13                      Q1 08

DIE HARD                                                      NOV                            NOV.

DIE HARD 2 DIE HARDER                            NOV                            NOV.

DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE                NOV                            NOV.

RED DAWN (MGM)                                       NOV                            Q1 08

MR. AND MRS. SMITH                                  DEC. 4                         DEC.

INDEPENDENCE DAY                                  DEC. 4                         DEC.

CAST AWAY                                                  DEC. 4                         North America Only

RONIN (MGM)                                                DEC. 4                         DEC

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15 Responses to “FOX/MGM Fight Back with Blast of Blu”

  1. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 6:50 am

    Its a shame that a betrayal by paramount is what it took to wake up Fox and MGM. At least Michael Bay is pissed off, too.

    Hopefully, more directors will voice their displeasure with Paramount. At the very least, maybe all of this will at least prevent studios from selling out.

    Ill leave it to you to define what selling out means.

  2. vw mofo on August 21st, 2007 7:07 am

    Please. If this is selling out, how do you explain all the exclusive deals the BDA has negotiated? Same stuff different day, and it’s about time HD DVD started playing hardball.

    For me, the definition of sellout is Sony.

  3. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 10:28 am

    You play hardball when you have a chance to win. HDDVD has no chance to win. The only thing they have done is brought this war closer to a stalemate in which neither you or I win. Microsoft on the other hand wins and ONLY them. Feel totally free to believe otherwise.

  4. Tyler Pruitt on August 21st, 2007 10:54 am

    Devils Advocate,

    Wouldn’t you agree the war has forced both sides to lower their prices, and give us content faster?

  5. Segars on August 21st, 2007 12:51 pm

    @ Devils Advocate

    Selling out, eh? Do you know which format Paramount and Warner Bros. originally called home before going neutral? HD DVD.

    Do you know why they went neutral? Two years ago, within 17 days of each other both studios were coaxed into going format neutral by the BDA for Blu-ray’s sake.

    So before you start throwing bullshit around, you need to know the history behind this exclusivity switch. They are not selling out, they’ve given Blu-ray a chance, and as they say HD DVD is ready for the mainstream and it IS cheaper for the THEM to mass produce, regardless of what anyone will claim.

    Right now, we are in a stalemate of sorts, but you better believe that more neutral studios will re-evaluate their business model and take a stand for whichever format they believe in.

    Whichever way you slice it, the Paramount/Dreamworks exclusivity deal is huge. With future titles, as well as catalog titles being HD DVD exclusives for the next two holiday seasons, which will arguably be the most momentous holiday seasons with regard to HD purchases in general, Blu-ray will be undoubtedly be feeling the absence of these studios, and should more follow suit, and join HD DVD then it will be lights out for Blu-ray.

    If you should be mad at anyone it should be Warner Bros. as they are the ones who are truly dragging out the war as the sole remaining neutral studio titan. If they go either way, Blu-ray or HD DVD, the resulting shockwave will be more than enough to tip the scale indefinitely. However, if you consider the fact that Warner too was originally HD DVD exclusive, their affinity certainly lies with them, not Blu-ray.

  6. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 4:21 pm

    Dont give me this market evaluation CRAP. According to the NY Times they were thrown $150M at them by Microsoft.

    The market and consumer were buying bluray 2:1 and you know this. That is selling out and I dont care how much you deny it, you never expected this move.

    Sooner or later you will realize that all this did was delay the inevitable and it was not for you or I’s benefit.

    As for BDA, paying people off. Well guess what? Its a totally different thing than Microsoft paying people off. Microsoft has absolutely no business being involved in the movie industry. They dont make films, they dont make home theater hardware and they dont make physical media. BDA on the other hand makes all of these and they should becuase they WANT TO KEEP ALIVE THE FORMAT THEY CREATED. MS had no hand in HD-DVDs creation and has no business to be involved other than to consumer customers and screw over both you and I so that they can force consumers to download. You can give me this BDA propaganda all you want, because I know you will.

    I just hope more directors stand up like Spielberg and BAy did and criticize these stupid anti-consumer decisions.

  7. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 4:24 pm

    What really upsets me is that consumers are not the ones who made this decision. $$$ signs did.

  8. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 4:50 pm

    @ Tyler

    Yeah, it has done that, but its now hurt the chance of one format that its no longer a good thing for consumers in the long run.

  9. Ryan on August 21st, 2007 4:53 pm

    I’m glad to see microsoft ponying up and throwing some of their financial weight into this thing. As an early adopter of both formats (that’s right – I OWN both) it made me sick to see all the lies and perpetual mistrust coming from Sony – it’s good to see the other format fight back in this “war.” Either way, we all need to realize one thing is not going to “win” the “war” – it’ll be years before a victor is chosen, if at all. We have PS3 & Xbox, why not Blu Ray & HD-DVD?

  10. Devils Advocate on August 21st, 2007 5:01 pm


    Explain this:
    “it made me sick to see all the lies and perpetual mistrust coming from Sony”

    When the hell did all this crap happen? You guys say this all the time, but yet cant come up with anything.

  11. Tyler Pruitt on August 22nd, 2007 3:28 am

    Thanks for all the great comments guys! I find it refreshing to have a spirited conversation about the format war, that doesn’t turn into a complete flame war.

  12. Segars on August 22nd, 2007 9:11 am

    @ Devils Advocate

    I love how you continually ignore everything I write, and decide to focus on one aspect of my post.

    Siding with Sony/BDA will not make the world a better place, anymore than it will joining up with HD DVD simply because of Microsoft’s ties to the format.

    It sounds to me that you advocate support for Blu-ray because it’s NOT Microsoft, which is no different than people supporting HD DVD because they blindly hate Sony.

    I’m supporting HD DVD because I honestly feel that is is the best option for the home video consumer. Period. That’s my opinion and I’ll gladly defend it, as I have in the past.

    I know you feel as though Microsoft has ulterior motives, but that is nothing more than your opinion at this time. One NY times article spouting conspiracy theories from two “insiders” isn’t going to change my opinion of the Paramount/Dreamworks deal, Microsoft, HD DVD, or the format war.

    I can’t honestly remember whether or not you support Blu-ray or whether you advocate neither format, but you need to drop the anti-microsoft sentiment as much as all of the other HD DVD fanboys need to drop the anti-Sony sentiment.

    As for the sales lead, I’m not debating that, but the studios switched regardless. So you’re not accomplishing anything by touting those relatively minuscule sales figures. In doing so you’re only conveying immaturity.

    Also, as I said before, Blu-ray was lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Paramount up until now. They agreed to give Blu-ray a chance two years ago and now they’re back to their roots. That’s not selling out.

    As for your Bay/Spielberg comment, Bay has already reverted and Spielberg is of no concern to the format war at this time due to the fact that none of his titles (with the exception of the Columbia/Tristar produced “Close Encounters”) are going to be available in ’07. And just so you know, there are only two Spielberg exclusives Blu-ray is inherently entitled to: Close Encounters and Hook. All of the other films will be available on both formats with five of his most classic titles Universal exclusives, whenever they end up being released.

    Oh and Microsoft isn’t involved in the “movie industry” their involvement is limited to the interactive software exclusive to HD DVD. If anything you should be disturbed by the fact that Sony is involved in the “movie industry” as they snatched up Columbia/Tristar some years ago, and own parts of UA/MGM not to mention their own studios. So why does Sony belong in the industry anymore than Microsoft? It sounds insanely hypocritical to me. Not to mention the fact that Sony stands to make money on the films, the hardware and the software if their format of choice reigns victorious. That monopoly doesn’t frighten you and Microsoft’s involvement does?

  13. DS2 on August 22nd, 2007 4:16 pm

    Kudos, Segars, on a well-spoken and even-handed analysis of the Paramount/Dreamworks move. Devil’s Advocate seems a little too focused on the “selling out” portion of his argument. ALL of these companies are out to make money, first and foremost, so claiming that ANY of these companies is “selling out” is really just a waste of breath, stating the obvious. Right now it kinda looks like it’s $ONY $$$ vs. Micro$oft $$$…who’s got the deeper pockets?

  14. Devils Advocate on August 22nd, 2007 7:08 pm


    I like you man I really do. You’re a professional.

    First off, Ive watched a few of my movies on bluray and I now feel that bluray will do just fine in the coming months. :-) In otherwords, Ive calmed down a little bit after the Paramount fiasco, looked at the slate of movies coming to bluray (with or without Warner Brothers) and I feel a WHOLE lot better. So I will try and be a little more professional.

    First off, I dont advocate support for Sony because they are against Microsoft. I am a very happy owner of an Xbox 360 and I also own Windows Vista and have PAID for Office 2007. Honestly, until MS had roared their head into the format I honestly felt that people were unfair to them and were just jealous because of their success. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? I was actually a fan of MS. I am still when it comes to computers and game consoles. I love the 360 and am “getting used to” Vista, but in my opinion they are only in this war to kill physical media and not really truly supporting HDDVD so that you and I can have a format that we can truly enjoy our favorite movies on. NOW, as much as I despise their role in this war, I cant say that they are stupid for doing what they doing. Its business, they have a goal and are willing to shell out the $$$$ to make it happen. Whether I like it or not I have to accept it and I have.

    This is even going to come as more of a shock to you, but until bluray I was actually not a fan of Sony. WHY? Because I hated the PS2 because it was the technically most inferior of all the last gen consoles and they got sooooo many exclusive games that I couldnt play on my xbox or gamecube. I cant say that I had any bad experiences with their products per se. But yeah, I actually hated Sony because they had soooo many exclusives. GTA is the series I wanted so badly, although I did eventually get it on xbox. Ironic, huh? Now that Im 25, I have realized that they are no better or worse than any other company out there, but I get so tired of the HDDVD fan boys saying that Sony does this and that. They shove this down our throat and blah blah. Youve heard it all before, so Ill leave it at that.

    The reality is, I have nothing against HDDVD, I havent actually seen anything, but I do know that Warner Bros shares the same transfers for bluray and HDDVD, so I am quite certain that the movies on HDDVD look fantastic. I just think their should be one format and I felt that Sony had the best format to bring to the masses before any of this started and I they had all my favorite studios supporting it. Namely 20th Century Fox was the real kicker for me. (yeah, what have they done lately?) Die Hard and Aliens I wanted to see in HD.

    So, I support bluray because I think it is the better disc and I like the studio support they had. If HDDVD were to win and bluray cease to exist, I would gladly buy and HDDVD player and move on with my life. At this point though, I just feel that all we have is stalemate and that neither side will win and consumers will just turn away. Yes, that is the typical bluray argument, but I do believe it.

    However, if by chance the home video industry can survive with two formats then I will GLADLY take that over having to do downloads be it from MS or ANYBODY.

    I LOVE PHYSICAL MEDIA, DAMMIT!!! That I know we can both agree on.

    But right now, Im feeling just fine about blurays chances. DId the Paramount defection sting? Oh yeah it did, but I looked at what Im going to miss movie wise and saw that what I could still get on bluray and I feel that bluray will be just fine.

  15. Segars on August 23rd, 2007 8:40 am

    Devils Advocate,

    I’ve got a couple of things to say. None of them are abrasive, mind you, just wanted to comment on your post.

    I myself am a pretty big MS fan. It really started with the original Xbox, continued onto the 360, and later the HD DVD add-on. What’s ironic is that when the Xbox originally came out I was a pure hater. I didn’t own a PS2 as I was still clutching lovingly to my N64 and my copy of Perfect Dark (still a great game, btw). The funny thing about all of this was that I was blindly hating on MS for bringing the Xbox into this world, for no other reason than that’s what people at the time were saying. “Why are they trying to get into consoles? They’re gonna lose, this was such a dumb move by them. Don’t they have enough money already? Why don’t they give up already?” These were all things I had said without having given the console, or the games, a chance. I even blindly hated on Halo for no particular reason.

    It wasn’t until I got to college and one of the first friends I came to know threw Halo up on his TV that I finally gave it a shot. Aside from having to become acclimated to the dual sticks, I was having a fucking blast. I told my friend that when he first showed me his Xbox I felt bad for him, and he simply asked me why and it was then that I realized I didn’t have a legitimate answer.

    I realize it may seem like I’m going off on a major tangent here, and being far too nostalgic, however you mentioned something above that triggered the memory. You admitted that you’ve never seen an HD DVD, that you have never given it a chance, and while you were not discounting the experience in anyway, I still feel as though you should give it a shot. I would gladly watch a blu-ray film if someone I knew had a player/PS3 but I don’t know anyone that has one. My current exposure is limited to the neutral titles, as you said they share the same master, and the in-store displays.

    With that in mind, even though I haven’t seen a full length blu-ray film yet, I still feel as though HD DVD is the format of choice for the consumer due to the finalized specs., mandatory feature inclusions (both for hardware and software). I don’t have any illusions about everlasting hardware. There will never be a piece of technology that will ever be entirely future proof, but I feel that HD DVD does it’s best to ensure that the players will receive their firmware updates easily and quickly via the mandatory ethernet port, which also allows for connection to media servers which further expand the available features for your film. I’ve even heard of the possibility for streaming previously unreleased/updated commentary tracks, additional language tracks, and a whole host of extras that could be available from these dedicated media servers.

    Bear in mind, I’m not trying to say that if you buy an A2 you’ll be set for life. I just know that as far as we can see down the line, Toshiba and HD DVD has no plans to radically revise their spec. for HD DVD. Actually, I’m not sure if they are able to since it is backed by the DVD forum but I could be wrong about that.

    I was, for a long time, considering picking up a PS3 shortly after the release of Casino Royale. I’m a huge Bond fan, and on top of that I, like you, am a huge fan of the Aliens/Die Hard films among a slew of other titles that were exclusive to Blu-ray. However, it was about this same time that there was a considerable amount of doubt that was cast upon the current Blu-ray players with regard to their playback capabilities. This is when I became aware of the various revisions that were going to unveiled within the year. It spooked me bad enough that I decided to defer picking up a PS3 until I knew for sure whether any problems would arise in the future do to subsequent revisions that may or may not extend to the PS3, essentially crippling it and paving the way for cheaper more functional Blu-ray players. At this time I know that these problems are of no real concern to the PS3 but I’m still not sure that they won’t arise at some time, and it’s that uncertainty that causes many people, like myself to steer clear of Blu-ray, much the same as Paramount/Dreamworks who cite the mandatory features and finalized spec. as some of their main reasons for dropping Blu-ray, and in many ways this was a huge affirmation for all of us “fanboys” that have been voicing our concerns over this issue. These concerns are indeed valid, and they will no doubt be weighed out in the minds of all of the studios involved in the format war, regardless of their action or inaction. The CTO of Paramount chose his words very carefully. They are directed at the studios, for the studios to consider or re-consider their stake in the war. This is why I personally believe that we will see another studio shift before the year is out, or shortly after CES in ’08.

    I definitely think that we both agree that physical media is incredible. It will always be near and dear to me because I like to think of myself as a collector, so naturally digital downloads simply don’t have the same tangible quality to them. I want a victor, or even dual victors, in this war so that we can throw a wrench into the digital download machine. However, I really do enjoy getting TV shows and such from the 360 Marketplace. So I suppose I’m slightly conflicted, but at the same time I’ve never used it for movie downloads.

    Also, regardless of Microsoft’s intent, I think that even if they succeed in killing this generation of physical media there won’t be a mass exodus to digital downloads, and even IF there was Microsoft might stand to lead the pack but you can be sure that Sony would certainly be close behind with their PS3, so naturally I don’t think that much would change. We would still be caught between two separate service providers and two separate pieces of incompatible hardware.

    Lastly, I definitely think that the playing field has been leveled quite a bit, and now for better or worse, there is essentially an even number of studios supporting both sides, at least major ones. So I think that both you and I will be content with the titles we see on both formats despite living the current stalemate. However as an HD DVD owner I have a much easier time with importing titles from all over the world which would otherwise be Blu-ray exclusive here in the states. I am aware that Blu-ray imports are possible, but as far as I know, not nearly on the same scale as there are still region codes, no matter how limited they may be that still cuts into the total titles available to you as a consumer.

    I know this has been a lengthy response, but I think it’s an important one nonetheless.

    I just feel that there is a lot of blind hatred, and that if people from both sides came to see the benefits of both, then we wouldn’t be cursing each other for our respective purchases because at the end of the day we’re all just HD lovers right?

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