XBOX360 HD DVD Drive Spotted for $169.24 at Wal-Mart

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on August 9, 2007 
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walmart.jpegWe stopped by our local Wal-Mart to check out this Tuesday’s HD DVD/Blu-ray disc releases, and spotted a $169.24 price for the XBOX360 HD DVD add-on drive. This is a great deal and should go perfect with the new HDMI equipped 360 Premium bundles that are now $349.99. Remember, you also get 5 free HD DVDs by mail when you pick up the HD DVD drive for the 360.


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2 Responses to “XBOX360 HD DVD Drive Spotted for $169.24 at Wal-Mart”

  1. Pravin on August 9th, 2007 7:47 am

    I think it still comes with King Kong, so that’s a sixth movie. And if you google for “xbox 360 hd dvd on windows” you’ll find out that this is a cheaper way to add HD DVD to your desktop or laptop PC than the nearly $400 it would normally cost.

    If anybody thinks, “I’m just gonna wait for it to be built-in to a 360,” that wait might be incredibly long. From way up high in the Microsoft leadership, they’re just not interested in making the main unit be much more than a game machine. Unlike Sony, for Microsoft, the 360 is really just a game machine and set-top box — it’s not a vehicle for introducing a new media format. Though they’re invested in the success of HD DVD, Microsoft would rather ensure success of the Xbox than jeopardize it by putting out a more expensive version. They didn’t drop Xbox prices until this week, which is nearly two years into the life of the product. Things have been going great for the 360, and they are not in any rush to mess with that success.

  2. Chris on August 9th, 2007 1:13 pm

    I can confirm that the Wal-mart by me is also selling this drive at $169. They also had 5 new HD DVDs in stock (300, Hot Fuzz, Blue Planet, TMNT & Disturbia).

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