Universal Exec Misquoted by Viral Marketer?

Posted by Tyler Pruitt on July 19, 2007 
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universal.jpegIn some late breaking news from the Home Media Expo in Las Vegas, a user that goes by “Ben Williams” claims that Universal executive Ken Graffeo mentioned “GE (Universal’s parent company) is constantly putting pressure on him to go neutral in the format war. The user claims a video will confirm the quote.

One of our contacts says the video will dispel any rumors of Universal’s plan to go neutral. admin Adam Gregorich, rebuffed the claims made by “Ben Williams” in this post:

I can’t believe that ANYONE that was at this would consider Ken [Graffeo] to be wavering. Is he under daily pressure to go neutral? Yes! just read the Digitalbits, and HTF! Everyday people are asking (some screaming) for Universal to go neutral. Is he under daily pressure from GE? He never said that. He said he ultimately reports to GE (and I’m sure he and other Universal executives have had to justify thier stance to GE), but this is taken way out of context by drsiebling [Ben Williams]. When the video posts (give Ron a chance to get home and catch his breath) you all can judge for yourself…. The general point is no one from either side is wavering yet!

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2 Responses to “Universal Exec Misquoted by Viral Marketer?”

  1. hmurchison on July 23rd, 2007 7:57 pm

    This stuff about “pressure” sounds believable until you compare a new HD release to a DVD release and quickly realize that pretty much none of these companies are losing any money by not supporting HD or even neutrality. I guess we all like to think that as consumers but there are clearly not enough players and movies being sold to cause a blip on a Major studios radar.

  2. Tyler Pruitt on July 24th, 2007 3:55 am

    I think the people at GE are more worried about Universal’s recent box office performances, than a format war with titles that sell 1/100th of what the same DVD does.

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